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Good health is the key to a happy and contented life. If we think of
health we make health our companion. If we think of our bodies as
weak and diseased, the power of our own negative
thought-conditioning is prone to be out pictured in our bodies as
weakness and disease.

It is said that we draw to us the conditions we are predominantly
thinking about. In what has become a classic, author Earl
Nightingale refers to what he calls “The Strangest Secret,” which
is: “We become what we think about.”

He goes on to say that it’s not really a secret at all because it
has been repeated throughout the ages in different ways. In the
book of Proverbs we read, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”
Among many references to this “secret” Jesus said, “According to
your faith, be it done unto you” and “As you sow, so shall you
reap” and “Ask and it shall be given you; seek and you shall find;
knock and it shall be opened unto you.”

All of these identify the importance of the thoughts that occupy
our minds and what we focus upon. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale said,
very directly, “If you think in negative terms, you will get
negative results. If you think in positive terms you will get
positive results.”

Our ills may be described as outward and visible signs of inward
and spiritual distress. To break out of the limiting thoughts and
attitudes, one must be willing to stop dealing with the physical
disorder as a thing in itself. An important principle, often
difficult to understand, is that health does not come and go,
health simply is.

Charles Fillmore, co-founder of the Unity movement, said that “real
health is from within and does not have to be manufactured on the
without. Health is the normal condition of man, true to the reality
of his being. Man has a built-in capacity for wholeness and a
tendency toward life and health.”

Let me remind you of a story in the scriptures that you are most
likely familiar with, one which illustrates the principle we are
discussing. In ancient Jerusalem there was a sheep pool which was
said to have astounding qualities. It was thought that from time to
time an angel “stirred the waters” of the pool and whoever immersed
themselves in the water during that time was healed of disease or

There was a man who had been crippled for thirty-eight years who
lay by the pool. Jesus must have sensed some readiness within the
man for he asked him, “Do you want to be healed?” You might
remember that the man “copped out” with the excuse that there was
no one to put him into the pool and others always got in before
him. Jesus looked beyond the man’s excuse and the appearance of his
condition and said, simply, “Rise, take up your bed and walk!” The
man did as he was bid and walked.

The man had apparently been ready; although frustrated by something
in his consciousness that had him focusing on the problem and the
circumstances around him, the healing process was already at work.

Health comes from within out. Jesus helped people draw upon the
innate power and wisdom within them, which they could use in
transforming the quality of life. It’s significant that he always
gave them something to do, which when it was done rendered them

This man at Bethesda had been involved in his illness over a long
period of time. You might say that illness was his “bag,” that it
was the way he saw himself, as a victim of circumstances. Jesus
helped him focus upon what he really wanted for himself, which was
to walk again.

We sometimes just get trapped in the “bag” of illness. This is what
has produced our state of consciousness. The healing process is to
get out of the shadows into the light.  As we read in Isaiah 58:08,
“Then shall your light break forth like the dawn, and your healing
shall spring up speedily.”

Healing is primarily a matter of changing the states of
consciousness, and in so doing change the manifestations, or the
symptoms. Our health or lack of it is often a part of our life
story that we have created and developed over the years.

In praying for health, you engage the creative process that lives
and moves and has its being in you. In this way you begin to move
toward the health you want for yourself, creating a new life-story
in which you begin to know yourself as a healthy person.

You must keep your mind on health at all times. You must think in
terms of health even when the disease is not yet conquered. Your
success depends entirely on your letting the thought of health
predominate over your former belief in disease. You must think of
God as a force in your life that “thinks” health in and through
you. Your own conscious mind in a way ceases to think and argue
about the matter. The thought of God prevails in your mind to the
exclusion of all else.

In beginning anew, in taking a new hold on life and health, do you
see that you are doing something in the way of retracing your
steps, in creating a new life-story for yourself? You turn back
from thinking of disease and holding for yourself the thought of
disease. You stop focusing on the “problem” and begin to focus on
what you really want.

The truth that God “thinks” of you as whole and well, that God sees
you as perfect and entire, becomes so powerful in your mind that
you feel you can do nothing else than accept it.

If you feel the need of some prayer or statement upon which to
center your attention as a means by which to enter spiritual
consciousness, a good statement might be:

“From all belief in disease I turn to the presence of God, the
presence of my abiding health.”

You can readily see that if you grasp the truth of this thought you
have health. You cannot grasp its meaning and at the same time
believe in disease. You might also adapt the words of Paul, “Do you
not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in
you?” (I Cor. 3:16) in this way:

“My body is the temple of the living God, filled with God’s
presence of life, strength and health.”

Making a new beginning in health may call for your reconstructing
your whole outlook upon life. Truth is to be applied to every phase
of your physical life, to every organ and function of your body.
There must be no part of your body or your mind where you do not
consciously know that God exists. Prayer is your means of assuring
yourself of this.

By prayer you keep out of mind such adverse beliefs as would keep
you from knowing your highest good.

There is one principle to be remembered in praying for health. You
must pray in the thought that in the presence of God is the actual
presence of your health. You can fashion your prayer to make this
clear to your consciousness in whatever way prayer can best be

Remember at all times that in praying for health only results
count, not obligation to some routine or plan of prayer. What
result do you want to create? A teacher, writer, or healer may be
able to direct your steps Godward, he or she may give you such
directions as will make your own way easier, but he or she cannot
make the final step for you or chart it for you.

Whoever you are, wherever you may be, whatever your need, you stand
in the place of vantage. In God’s sight you have always been, are
now, and always will be whole, well, perfect, entire. Your health
and perfection are the most natural and most normal thing in your

Turn your eyes at this moment to that inner presence of God within
you where you are seen as whole and well. Remain true to God’s
vision of what you are in Spirit and in Truth, the truth of your
own innate health and perfection.

God is Blessing You, Right Now!

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