Healing Work of Vitamin D

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Vitamin D for Bones, Breasts and Body Building: Every Woman’s Guardian Angel

Did you know that a Vitamin D deficiency can lead to many different diseases and health problems in women? It’s one of the most important building blocks our body has. Without enough Vitamin D. many of a woman’s systems are missing an important ingredient. And it’s easy to get enough Vitamin D. You just have to pay attention! We hear about the importance of calcium for our bones, but the benefits of Vitamin D are just as important if not more so. They do work together. Vitamin D is so important to women, especially as we age, that it could even be called a woman’s guardian angel. It is now considered one of the most important supplements to monitor and frankly, it is very difficult for an active woman to get too much of it.

Benefits of Vitamin D, Your Breasts’ Best Friend

Vitamin D deficiencies often occur in women who don’t get out in the sun much (less than 10 minutes of direct sunlight per day), who have kidney problems or whose body has a hard time processing Vitamin D from food. A Vitamin D deficiency can lead to osteoporosis, frequent broken bones (especially hip), weak muscles, and can possibly increase the risk of some cancers.

Some steroids taken for medical conditions in women may slow or stop the body’s ability to absorb the benefits of Vitamin D from the sun. A doctor can counteract this by suggesting a change in diet or adding supplements that are high in Vitamin D. Unfortunately, there were few studies about Vitamin D until recently; and more information is expected based upon current studies. It is now believed that there may have been more health risks caused by Vitamin D deficiencies than have been formerly thought.

Recent studies have determined that it’s almost impossible to overdose on Vitamin D and current research is still working to determine how much is too much. It’s now believed that women can safely ingest up to 4000 to 8000 IU’s supplemental Vitamin D per day with great benefit. In fact most women it now appears absolutely need that much more than their current diets and sun exposure are giving them.

Most women will not be able to get enough Vitamin D unless they regularly eat a lot of cod liver oil, salmon, mackerel or sardines that are canned in oil. Some dietary supplements or weight loss pills can be high in Vitamin D, so women should check the levels before starting a new product. Many women do get basically what they need of Vitamin D through food and sun exposure. This is especially true for women who spend a lot of time in the sun wearing sun block that is less than SPV 8. These women are getting Vitamin D sun exposure naturally through their skin, which is the best way of getting Vitamin D into a body. But most women have been warned by dermatologists to wear no less than SPV 15 sunblock. That amount of sunblock unfortunately keeps a woman’s body from experiencing the positive effects of sun exposure and the levels needed to metabolize and create usable vitamin D in their systems.

Even though researches haven’t studied benefits of Vitamin D extensively, there is evidence that Vitamin D has many benefits to a women’s health that have not yet been fully appreciated. Proper levels of Vitamin D can help a women’s body fight MS, mild depression, many forms of cancers, arthritis, chronic pain and even premenstrual syndrome. Some people even believe that Vitamin D guards against breast cancer. While there aren’t thorough studies that prove the breast cancer guardian theory quite yet, studies of people with cancers such as lung and colon cancer reveal Vitamin D deficiencies.

One of the problems with Vitamin D is that nobody knows exactly how much Vitamin D a woman should get in a day. Researches have yet to develop an optimum level of Vitamin D. To do so, they will have to factor in the sun. They do believe that women who live in areas of decreased sunlight during the winter months don’t get anywhere near the level of Vitamin D that they should in a day. For instance, Canadians are encouraged to take a regular amount of Vitamin D daily in the form of Vitamin D supplements.

One thing seems to be clear in the research that has been done: increased supplementation of Vitamin D can only benefit women. We now know that vitamin D, perhaps the breast’s best friend, may also be the body’s best protection against many different cancers and other illnesses. In short, Vitamin D is a cancer fighter and is one of a woman’s most beneficial guardian angels.

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  1. Roberto Haggerton Says:

    I have of recent decided to transition into a vegan diet. What I know has given me cause, and it is that I have a history of women from my mother’s side who have suffered cancers. I live in the region where these women were reared and lived. I live in an area where it is difficult to locate organic and kosher foods.

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