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Cancer or any health crisis is a wakeup call for us to stop and take notice of our life.  How did we get to this place in our life?

All of our experiences and thoughts and beliefs all contribute to our experiences in life.  Often we are not even aware of beliefs we have carried with us through our life, but they do guide us and affect every decision we make.  Likewise, it is scientifically proven that beliefs affect our cells and biochemistry.

Also, we are often not aware of our daily actions and behaviors that affect our life so dramatically.  We become so busy in all the things we have to do in a day or week that we start acting almost automatically.  We act on autopilot to survive each day. 

When we are faced with a crisis, it is an opportunity for us to stop!  To take notice..to evaluate…

We can choose at this point if we want to recreate our life.  We have a choice to continue our life as it always was or make a change.  And there are many changes we can make….we just have to choose.

Many people who have been faced with a health crisis also begin to face their own mortality.  When they begin to accept their mortality, they often become less fearful and with this comes a freedom they haven’t felt before.  When they aren’t trapped by all their fears, they are free to really live.  Activities that they would never have explored are now seen as opportunities or fun or excitement.  Relationships that have been strained are healed.  They see that the small things don’t matter anymore.  They are free to live life fully.  It is as if cancer or their crisis has given them the permission to live life fully, often for the first time.

Often a diagnosis of cancer is our opportunity to heal our life and begin anew….It is our choice…what do you choose?

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