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The verdict is still out.  My daughter is using the zapper.  She read a little about it and is always open to trying new things once.  Not much was noticeable until she woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible pain in her chest.  A terrible respiratory virus has been going around here.  My son had it the previous 10 days.  So that day she started wearing the zapper and after two days felt better.  She thought it worked…….!!!!

Now she is testing it on her elimination system that hasn’t worked for years and years.  She has had no constipation for a week.  More to be revealed………………………………

Is it the zapper????  Is it the power of her mind and belief???????

Maybe both.  But if you have a chance to try something and believe in it to heal from cancer would you?  Everyone is different.

I thought everyone would do anything.  Then a few years into my healing journey, I asked my husband, “Wouldn’t everyone do all this research, try new things, foods, drinks, supplements, etc.?”

He said, “I wouldn’t.  I would do what the doctor told me.” 

I like to provide lots of different options for my cancer support which includes, tools, processes, products and practitioners. Through my healing journey I found different things worked for me at different times.  Also different products, etc. work different for different people.

We are ever changing and evolving bodies, minds, and emotions……..Keep the hope alive……………

Sheila Ulrich Cancer Survivor Speaker

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