Get Rid of the Junk!

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Get Rid of the Junk!
by Sheila Ulrich

As a skin cancer survivor, cancer supporter, Cancer Survivor Speaker, and supporter of natural cancer treatments, I have a clear message for all those fighting cancer and all who wish to prevent themselves from getting cancer: Get rid of the junk!

Detoxify your body is one of the first steps to heal from cancer. Over the years, our bodies are exposed to millions of toxins in the environment, in our food, in the products we use. Our bodies aren’t equipped to handle the load and stress and our cells break down. When our body starts breaking down we can experience a variety of symptoms including depression, constipation, diabetes, MS, irritable bowel, cancer–the list is endless.

Cancer prevention is the preferred path, but if you have cancer now you can begin doing many of the things that could have been done to prevent it in order to begin healing yourself now. 

Cancer is much better dealt with through a mixture of alternative and complementary medicine, or through integrative medicine, than through drugs and radiation alone.
One of the bits of “junk” that we need to get rid of from our bodies is cellular toxicity.

Cellular toxicity arises in the body when the tissues absorb toxins that should be expelled naturally by the body; this happens more and more when our interior bodily environment becomes too acidic, losing too much of its alkaline balance. Drinking plenty of purified water, eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and learning to breathe more deeply and fully reverse this acidic internal environment and prevent cellular toxicity.

Heavy metal and chemical toxicity can also happen through years and years of bodily exposure to metals and chemicals in the environment or in some things put into the body including silver amalgam dental fillings and mercury found in many vaccines. There has also been some concern, though difficult to conclusively prove, that the relatively heavy levels of mercury in large game fish can, through the years, harm the immune systems of people who eat these fish regularly.

There is no clear cut conclusive evidence that any of these things typically bring on cancer; however, the exposure to the heavy metals and chemicals is real and therefore should be taken into consideration. Getting a lot of physical exercise, especially in the outdoors, stimulates the circulation of lymph fluid, which is a powerful biological toxin-flusher.

Particularly disgusting and dangerous is toxic buildup in the colon, which results from undigested foods and hardened fecal matter. Nutrient absorption gets disrupted while the toxins of the unflushed decay get reabsorbed back into the body. Eating a lot of fiber soluble and insoluble, as well as getting a lot of physical exercise and plenty of hydration, is the best way to clean out the colon.

One of the most pleasant ways of preventing cancer and keeping junk out of the body is drinking red wine (always in moderation, of course). Red wine contains chemicals including resveratrols and quercetins that scrape the plaque off of arterial walls. While this directly reduces the risk of heart disease, indirectly this strengthens the immune system. Red and purple grapes also seem to have qualities that are poisonous to cancer cells and the fermentation of them seems to bolster this quality.

But speaking of hydration, something commonly used in our water supplies to kill pathogens that could make us sick…may be making us sick. It is the chemical chlorine. Research has shown strong evidence linking long ingestion of chlorine to cancer. Women with breast cancer have been scientifically proven to have 50% to 60% higher levels of organochlorines in their breast tissue than healthy women. Chlorine can be absorbed into the body via water not just by drinking it but also by breathing it in during a shower. Water filters should be used in homes that use chlorinated sources of water.

One other thing to do to get the junk out of the body includes taking vitamin and mineral supplements. This is simple because our bodies typically don’t get enough of these things with our modern prepared foods diets and a lack of vitamins and minerals.  This makes it more difficult to nourish cells and flush away toxins, a condition that stresses the immune system and thus makes the body more susceptible to cancer.

All of these natural cancer treatments can be used without any side-effects to detoxify the interior body and make it a place inhospitable to cancer cells.

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