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In the past, our doctors were our resource, our friend, our mentor, and we listened and did what they said.  When I was healing from cancer, I realized there is no way in the world this person or their team could possibly know everything there is to know about melanoma, the immune system, diet and nutrition, etc.  Information changes daily and they don’t have time to do all the research.  I knew I needed my medical doctors for conventional information and treatment, tests, etc.  I also knew there was a lot of information on healing out there that I needed to use too, that they did not know anything about. 

Welcome Integrative Medicine!

I used my medical doctors to help me decide on the conventional treatments options and tests or procedures I should do.  Initially there weren’t a lot of options for me.  We decided to evaluate three options one at Duke University, one at MD Anderson and one at Abbott.  All recommended something different.  Because melanoma is so unpredictable and there aren’t a lot of effective treatments available, they were trying a lot of different things.  It was almost like they were experiementing to see what may work.  Now that was years ago…….

But it wasn’t very comforting to me.  I wanted something promising with good results that could give us hope.  That was not available.

I had begun reading a lot about what people were trying and what role our immune system played in our disease and knew my gut feeling was right.  I had to build my immune system to be able to heal.  There is so much information and it is so hard to know who to trust.  I felt like I was on a deserted island trying to save my life.  Everyone needs help, and mentoring through this journey.  Cancer support is a necessity!  Find it somewhere.

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