Foods For Surviving Cancer

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Can food affect our survival from cancer?  Can food be a predictor of our chances of getting cancer. 

There is more and more research available that states we are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals.  The data over time will help all of us know for sure what areas we need to seriously look at and change our habits.

One such area is our omega 3’s.  It has been shown that since the changes in our fats in our diets after 1945, we have seen increases in cancer.  They now know that the balance between omega 6 and omega 3 is out of whack.  Wth Animals fed on grasses, we were getting omega 3’s.  Then the change to soy and corn fed animals with see an increase in omega 6 and a deficiency in omega 3.

Now some doctors will recommend increasing with foods or supplements omega 3.

This is a simple step we all can take to prevent cancer and be a cancer survivor.

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