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My good friend Julia Rogers Hamrick wrote a compelling and thought provoking note on the tragedy in Arizona with James Arthur Ray and the sweat lodge.  I know a lot of you have seen the news reports and wonder…..

As we wonder we talk about the facts and then we tend as humans to want to blame someone.  Who is to blame? 

When we blame we are actually pushing our energy out on someone else or out into the world.  Our energy could be a feeling or a thought.  If we have a thought about the event, it is an energy within us.  This is the time we can look within ourselves to find where the thought may also be true in our lives.  Now I am not saying any of us have been in this type of situation, but the thought or feeling is within us for a purpose.  What is the purpose?

It is an opportunity for us to look at our stuff, our life and where do we feel, think or act in a similar way.  It is an opportunity for us to become more aware of the energy within us and release it.

Here’s what Julia has to say…

As you may already know, a horrific event occurred October 9th in the desert near Sedona, Arizona at a retreat led by James Arthur Ray, well-known author and personal development guru. Two people died immediately and another died this weekend after participating in a questionably executed sweat lodge. Almost two dozen others were hospitalized with illnesses ranging from dehydration to kidney failure.

I don’t wish to lay blame–others will be doing that, and it’s strictly an ego exercise to do so. But I did want to communicate one important message in light of the outcome: Never, ever obey anyone’s authority over that of your Spirit.

If someone seems to know more than you do, have achieved more than you have, have obtained what you want to have, or seems more enlightened than you believe you are, it is not a signal to abdicate your own sense of knowing to subject yourself to his or hers. Partake of their ideas, yes, if you’re attracted, and try them on to see if they fit for you–or not.

If you are receiving any internal signals that something is wrong–or even not quite right, or just simply not a match for you–pay attention and heed those signals. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone–even to yourself. Don’t let your own fearful ego lead you astray in a quest for something it’s telling you that you haven’t got. Ego is a consummate liar and will sell you down the river in a heartbeat.

All knowledge is already yours. All your desires are already yours, even if you aren’t yet experiencing that. But the way to realize and manifest them into your reality is to follow your Spirit to the vibrational level where you can claim them. And you can’t do that if you’re busy following someone else. Or a group of someone elses. Or your own ego. Following anyone other than your own Spirit will lead you down in vibration.

If you find yourself caught up in group energy, something that often occurs due to the longing to feel the energy of being at one with your fellow human beings, pay special attention. You may find yourself willing to do things and take risks you’d never take if your energy was centered within yourself and not in the composite mind of the group.

I am somewhat painfully familiar with that dynamic because I once found myself streaking naked across my college campus after getting so caught up in the pack mentality and energy, I was compelled to join the streaking crowd. In that case, the only deleterious effect was a photograph of the back of me in my birthday suit (blessedly, with a shirt over my head) that showed up on the front page of the city’s newspaper.

And here’s one I have been learning the hard way: If your body is telling you to back off whatever you are doing instead of pushing, listen and obey. Ease your way into growth–don’t force your way into it.

As a spiritual teacher, I take my responsibility to influence very seriously. For me, having your attention is a sacred trust and I am intent on keeping my ego in check to keep that relationship clear. Starting with the experience I tell about in the introduction to Recreating Eden, I have been continually shown that rejecting all authority outside one’s own being, and honoring the voice of Spirit within is the very key to reaching the highest level of vibration and experiencing enlightenment.

My Spirit has always made sure I understood that trying to assert any authority over a person’s own inner guidance, no matter how right my ego may tell me I am, is a ticket to disaster. My desire is to empower you to listen to your Spirit and be yourSelf, not to get you to take what I have to say as being the gospel. You don’t need a guru–you have one within.

I can only imagine the pain that James Ray is in right now, not to mention the loved ones of those who died or who were otherwise injured. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that all involved may have stopped listening to their inner guidance. Then again, that is an ego-based judgment, based on limited evidence. Everything is in Divine Order, even when we don’t like what Divine Order looks like at any given moment.

The take-away as I see it is this: Anyone who urges you to deny your internal signals so as to expand and evolve may just be, without even realizing it, asking you to risk your life. Anyone who tells you they can show you the way to Nirvana who isn’t emphasizing that your Spirit is your only true authority is under the influence of ego and can’t be trusted (only your Spirit can be trusted). But don’t take my word for it–ask your own Spirit if this is true.

 To learn more about Julia click here.  She truly is an amazing friend!

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