Fear that Stops our Life

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This is a direct message from our angels I received as a gift…..It is a gift to share with everyone!

In thinking about what I was told, the truth rang out to me.  See how it feels to you.

This is a human dilemna….we live with so much fear that separates us from our inherit greatness.

You can insert any word in the place of “illness” and it still feels true to me.  So whatever it is you are dealing with, take these wise words and use them in your life…….

“Yes I am your angel & I am with thee at your side. I have heard your question about fear ….

You fear what you can not see and you separate yourself from what it is that you are…which is  pure light  and oneness with that light.

You go outside of yourself and allow yourself to feel the unknown as fear.  

You are the light of awareness separating yourself from the light of Christ
and holding on to what you fear…… illness and loneliness and freedom. ”
“How do you let go of these things we hold on to?” 

“You need to speak to the part of yourself that knows who you are and what you are.  Believe you are well…….. believe you are hope…….. and believe you are righteousness in what you are as a human. 

You are not your illness, but you still believe you are.   You need to go within and tell your  illness to be gone in the name of  love and feel yourself release that fear of illness that you believe is part of what you are.

You are not the illness……….you are the butterfly that waits to be released from the hold that you have put on yourself.    You are within the cocoon of freedom waiting to be set free!!!!!

Speak to yourself  and say “I release you in the name of love” .  Release it into Gods Hands with love.

Separate yourself from the illness, you are not alone. The angels are with you!  Take this and make this real.”

4 Responses to “Fear that Stops our Life”

  1. Sheri Ruston Says:

    Beautiful, Sheila! Thanks so much for sharing.


  2. Colleen Lilly Says:

    Thanks for this very inspirational message. Thanks Sheila!

  3. Lori Thomas - The Hypnovator Says:

    This is such a nice way to release things, glad that I saw this today, Shelia –

    Perfect for today and actually, I did already do this type of thing this morning (before I even had seen your post here) with releasing a negative part of me that I no longer need, and I even thanked it for being at part of me, when I did need it. It felt so good to let go of that part of me that was not working anymore. So, that is why I saw and clicked on your post here, I was drawn to your energy with what you are sending out. Thanks !!!

  4. Panamena Says:

    I hope you would not have reservations if I posted a part of this site on my univeristy blog?

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