Everything Is Energy

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One thing I know for sure is everything is energy.

Wasn’t Einstein that proved this many many years ago?  Are we questioning this now today, again?

I know I could heal my body through energy, through a direct connection to the one source of all that is.  I know that I was created as an energetic being with the capacity to heal my body.  I was given this knowledge through my creator, which I call God.  It doesn’t matter what you call it, source, energy, God, wise one, the infinite, the Prophet, etc. I know that there is something greater than me.

So everyone of us has the ability to heal our bodies.  But it doesn’t stop at healing our bodies.  There is so much more to us than just our bodies.

To heal, we must heal all of us body mind and spirit and emotions and all aspects of our life.  We are all connected in our energies.  Our thoughts and emotions affect our body, our spiritual self affects our body, our relationships affect our bodies, thoughts and emotions, our careers, social lives, recreational lives, etc. all affects our bodies.  They are all connected and form one, which we identify as ME.  We cannot eliminate a tumor or improve our digestion or get rid of a heart issue and assume we are healthy.   Healing is healing all of us.  Just because we can’t see something in the physical doesn’t mean it is not still there.

Energetically we store beliefs, patterns, experiences in our bodies that affect our health.  These too can become disease.  If we address first our energy we will experience it on the physical level.

Well how do we do this?

We need tools to help us work with energy and remember who we are.  We may need products (tools) to help change our energy.  We may choose doctors, healers and other practitioners to help us change our energy to heal our bodies and then heal our lives.

But if we start by knowing everything is energy…..then we know we can change our energy to change our lives.

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