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Do you ever wonder why others treat you badly or wrong you in some way?  We often think it is something wrong with them and tend to blame.  How can we use it to benefit ourselves and our health?

Throughout our lives we have acquired behavior and actions as a result of our environment, from our parents, teachers, friends.  We may have watched our parents interactions and through them made assumptions about how to behave in a marriage and home.  We make assumptions on what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t.  Often we are quite unaware of how we take on others actions, until we find ourselves in a similar situation and we see ourselves acting just as our parents did.

We have to choices…be aware of it..take note and ask, Isn’t that interesting?  Why am I acting like that?

Or we can completely ignore it and continue living.  This behavior will continue to crop up in our lives and relationships until we take notice.

It is usually an emotion that you will feel that will grab your attention.  If anger or sadness or despair show up within you, it is a clear sign for you to take notice.  Our emotions are there to help guide us through our life, they serve a big purpose.  Emotions that you become aware of are also a great opportunity for you to shift and grow and be all you can be.

Recently I experienced this in action.  In a pleasant conversation, I made a causal statement that didn’t sit well with an aquaintance.  It stirred something in them and I was completely unaware of any emotion behind it.  They lashed out in anger and name calling.  I was stunned.  Isn’t this interesting?  What is this all about?

Immediately I felt the behavior was inappropriate and couldn’t believe someone would respond in that manner.  I felt sadness, confusion, and anger.  And then I remembered, this is an opportunity to look at my emotions and where they are guiding me.

All emotions are energy.  Everything is energy, our bodies, the universe, food, actions, etc.  If we choose to ignore the energy (emotion) where does it go?  We can sometimes store it within us.  This negative energy stored within us over time can cause lots of pain and suffering.  Blocked energy in our body is the source of disease.  Then in the future when faced with a similar emotion or situation, that energy we stored in our body can get activated and come streaming out of us. 

Have you ever responded to something someone said something someone does in anger or sadness (or any emotion) and later wondered, Where did that come from?  Probably from stored past energy/emotion within you.

So I had an opportunity to look at this emotion within me.  Where did it come from?  Could I feel it in my body?  I felt it in my heart area.  Then I asked myself, has there been a time in my life where I overreacted and lashed out in anger or name calling?  And of course there have been times.  Then I felt this feeling and wondered what it would feel like it all that anger or name calling energy was gone.  It would feel free, light, compassionate and love.  I then filled my body with this energy of lightness and light and love.  I felt a change in my body and my emotions.

Every moment is an opportunity to grow into the divine beings we already are.  Disease is an opportunity to move from what we don’t want to what we do.  It is an opportunity to explore our emotions and our body and release all that is no longer serving us..

We are moving toward EASE in every moment.  Don’t let the moment pass by that you don’t take the opportunity to look at your emotions coming up and explore the stored energy within you.  As we move through this life we can release the pain and suffering we carry with us one moment at a time.  This is life.

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