Do we really stop miracles?

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You have experienced this feeling of peace and calm in your life before.  Haven’t you?  When everything just is flowing and works.  Everything makes sense.

It could have happened in your work, when the answer just is so obvious and you know its right and you feel it.  Or in a state of prayer when you are connected to God and all is perfect in your world. 

You have accessed this wisdom that is available to all of us all the time.   Then its gone!  How do I get back there? How did I let it go or lose it?

We jump back into the relative world of living in this physical body where we believe all we are is this physical body.  Where we think we have to do all these things and fight for what we want.  We lost our connection to our higher or true self, which is our connection to God.

You return to your mind where you have come to believe you are separate from everything, God and the universe.  Where you believe there are separate things and events.  When you feel that peace you are in a state of oneness where everything is part of the whole, where everything is part of God, where there isn’t any separatedness.

Do we really stop miracles from happening in our lives? 

We do when we lose our connection to God and the oneness of everything.  And since we have been taught by life, since we were young, that we are individuals separate from all things, it is a habit of living.  We don’t even know it until something profound or tragic happens in our lives to give us a glimpse of who we really are.

This can really shake us up because it rocks our foundation of beliefs we lived our entire lives.  This happened to me through my journey with cancer.  It rocked my world and everything and everyone in it.  I couldn’t get my mind around it.  I couldn’t understand it.

And of course I couldn’t, our minds can’t understand it!

We have come to believe and live through our mind and we believe that is who we are.  When we get a glimpse of the oneness of all, we feel and know there is something more to us and life.  This is when we begin to open and explore and grow.  This is when we start asking more questions or reading books or searching for others who have had this same experience.  It can be very confusing and unsettling but a wonderful opportunity to create something different in your life. 

You may begin to search for tools to help you get back to this state of being.  You may find healers or coaches or teachers to help you.  You know when you are in this state, you feel good.  I didn’t know why, I just knew it was good.  When reading and remembering teachings from my Christian faith, I realized other wise ones and prophets throughout time had lived in this state.  I was determined to find out how.  I knew it was a key to my cancer survivorship.

I knew it was real and possible.

Sheila Ulrich Cancer Survivor Speaker

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