DEATH Brings NEW Life

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“That call changed my life forever. Facing death, I found life. So truly it was the death of my old self and a rebirth to something greater. I remembered who I really am!”


That was 22 years ago.  I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and thought it was the end of my life.  However I had complete faith I would prepare my children who were only three, six and twelve years old.  My heart broke for them!  I could have never dreamed what would be next.  This journey has truly been amazing!

With such limited view of the universe and therefore limited view of ME, I set out believing I think I got it!  This is a wake up call!  I saw the meaning of life, who we as humans really were and our purpose here on earth.  Little did I know this was just one very tiny step forward in the process of experiencing who I really was.  When we have a moment of clarity or a wake up call, sometimes we get a glimpse of the magnificence of creation, what it is and who we are.  I experienced the truth of all that is.  At the time it all seemed so clear and I wondered, “How did we all miss this?”

Then the journey really began.  I went through years and years of uncovering my true self.  If I had known it would encompass this level of pain and time and courage and strength and faith, I don’t think I would have chosen to move forward.  I would have chosen to be done then.  But sometimes there is another plan for us that we are not aware of.  This plan is more expansive than our small human self and more glorious than we can possibly see at that moment in time.  Our life plans are truly extraordinarily and precisely planned.

I can see more and more of the overall design yet know it is still just a glimpse of the whole.  And each day, I faithfully and courageously step forward to experience what is next.

So many now are having similar experiences of waking up.  This is so exciting AND also can be very confusing and scary at times. There are others here walking with you who have experienced it too.  Together we hold each others hands as we experience a whole new way of being.

Trust, trust, trust… are safe and you are being guided to what is next for you.

We are in this together!

Much LOVE and incredible gratitude for all

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