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As a cancer survivor, I have firsthand experience in healing from stage 4 skin cancer using body-mind-spirit interconnection. 

“We are more than our physical body. We must heal all parts of our being: our body, mind, emotions, and spirit. I knew I had to address my body, mind, and emotions to be well and whole and heal from Stage 4 cancer.”
I used natural cancer treatments including programs of alternative and complementary medicine as well as integrative medicine (combinations of conventional physical medicine and alternative therapies).   Now I share what I learned with others as a cancer survivor speaker.

One of the most important insights that I gained on the road to becoming a nearly miraculous cancer survivor is that negative feelings can in time have a direct effect on the body.  “Negative energy can be any experience, feeling, emotion, relationship, or thought.  When we identify with the negative energy and carry it with us and relive it and react to it over and over, it will affect our health…When your cells are not doing what they are supposed to…your body starts to break down and you [have] Dis-ease.”

An approach to cancer support and healing techniques that makes use of complementary medicine and integrative medicine always takes into consideration the way the emotions and thoughts affect the body and the entirety of one’s being. This is why these techniques are so effective.

One thing that cancer is is a negation in physical form of health, wealth, and abundance. These are the three things that all people need to have fulfilled lives. For those who have been taught to think negatively about money and “riches”, it should be pointed out that “health” and “wealth” both come from the same Indo-European root and both essentially mean “wholeness”. It’s not money, but avarice, that is evil. And as far as abundance–well, if you have abundance, you don’t have feelings of avarice. Furthermore, when we understand that abundance is natural and should be desired, we are acknowledging that we don’t want just some of life–we want it all! 

Cancer is a negation of a lot of life–eventually, if not healed, cancer becomes the ultimate life negation as it causes painful, wasting, ignominious death. Indeed, cancer is the body turned against itself.

Understanding the body-mind-spirit connection allows a cancer patient to permit himself thoughts and visions of health, wealth, and abundance. These thoughts, if they can become habitual, become literal thoughts of healing power that can help the body rid itself of cancer. Many people who conceptualize the body-mind-spirit connection imagine that they have a part of God dwelling within them. This is the right way to think of it, although depending on your religious or spiritual background you may want to come up with a variation on that theme. What’s important here is to understand that no matter how you wish to more precisely conceive of it, it is a fact that your primary essence is what is called “Spirit”. 

If you want that Spirit to be Judeo-Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, pagan, all-natural cosmic energy, or anything else, as long as you can feel that concept bringing you more energy and comforting strength, it’s right. But it cannot be a mere abstract, academic thought. You must feel this concept as very real, as real as the bed in which you lay, as real as the invisible oxygen you breathe in. For some people this will require lots of practice and they may need a lot of cancer support from their friends and loved ones.

One way to channel the healing energy through the mind-body-spirit matrix and to understand where so many people–maybe even yourself if you are a patient–have gone wrong is to think of life as heady wine. But instead of uncorking the bottle and tasting the delicious, intoxicating liquid within, most people only read the label on the outside of the bottle and then go around telling themselves and others that they know all about the wine of life.

To survive and heal from cancer, you’ve got to want it all, and know with all your being that it is possible.  You address your physical boy, mental and emotional and then connect to your spirit.  When you do you are on your way to healing all of YOU!

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