Cottage Cheese and Flax Seed

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cancer survivor speaker adds notes to the Budwig protocol……………..

Bill Henderson calls it “miracle food”, “because I know of nothing that works as well to help you overcome cancer.  MIXING of the CC/FO is what creates the “magic”‘

Mixing these two together is critical to getting the benefit.  Use a blender as it is much easier to eat too.  Add some berries and nuts for good taste. Here is a video that has helped cancer survivors mix the products.

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  1. Rhonda Else Says:

    Just a note that my family has used flax seed for many years, mostly enjoying it in smoothies and on top the morning yogurt breakfast. I will try it with cottage cheese. One question though, can you speak to whether or not preground flax vs whole flax is an issue for efficacy. Thanks. Relse

  2. Sheila Says:

    I use preground and use Bob’s Red Mill Organic. I am sure any additional processing is not ideal, but I haven’t heard a difference in efficacy. I will check around. Thanks so much for your post.

  3. Shannon Hartley Says:

    No pre ground loses its effect after they have been grounded in 15 minutes, use whole and a coffee grinder for each portion. You want fresh-thats when the linogestic releases. (spelled wrong im sure).

  4. Sheila Says:

    Thanks Shannon for that valuable information.

  5. nancy Says:

    What about if I am allergic to all dairy, including cottage cheese? Is there an alternative that might work instead of cottage cheese? thx

  6. Sheila Says:

    Try non dairy. I am not sure of any other alternative.
    Thanks so much for sharing with all of us and visiting Truly Alive

  7. Dan Says:

    Ok Sheila! Has anyone really asked? Are Hemp Seeds also a Source of healthful oils!

  8. Sheila Says:

    Good question Dan…here is a great article. Let me know what you think.


  9. Tony Says:

    The cottage cheese needs to be organic. Mixed with cold pressed flax seed oil will work.
    7 table spoons of liquid cold pressed flax seed oil
    2/3 cup of organic cottage cheese each day.
    Put in blender and add some berries and nuts if you want.
    Drinks like a smoothie. This worked on a friend’s daughter that had a brain tumor that could not be operated on. God Bless

  10. Franziska Fleischer Says:

    How much of the flax seeds to you use per serving, or does it not matter.
    Thanks for your response.
    Fran Fleischer

  11. Sheila Says:

    •To make the Budwig Muesli, blend 3 Tablespoons (British dessert spoons) of flaxseed oil (FO) with 6 Tbps low-fat(less than 2%) Quark or Cottage Cheese (CC) with a hand-held immersion electric blender for up to a minute If the mixture is too thick and/or the oil does not disappear you may need to add 2 or 3 Tablespoons of milk (goat milk would be the best option). Do not add water or juices when blending FO with CC or quark. The mixture should be like rich whipped cream with no separated oil. Remember you must mix ONLY the FO and CC and nothing else at first. Always use organic food products when possible.
    •Now once the FO and CC are well mixed grind 2 Tbps of whole flaxseeds and add to the mixture. Please note that freshly ground flaxseeds must be used within 20 minutes after being ground or they will become rancid. Therefore do not grind up flaxseeds ahead of time and store.
    •Next mix in by hand or with the blender 1 teaspoon of honey (raw non-pasteurized is recommended)

    Here is the site to learn about the work of Dr. Budwig

  12. ad Says:

    Thanks for the informations,Sheila. I know someone with a cancer diagosis and will pass this info on to them. How often should someone trying to cure cancer take the FO/CC mixture?

  13. Noel Says:

    In answer to ad – the FO/CC mixture needs to be taken daily – it makes a very tasty and nutritious breakfast that satisfies the the diet for several hours. I am hooked on it especially with stewed fruit (EG. apple & passionfruit)and pomongranate syrup or cranberry syrup added.

  14. Bonnie Jorgens Says:

    How many times a day should I eat this?

  15. Diane Kurt Says:

    I read your response of May 6, 2011 to Nancy’s question about what to do if you can’t tolerate dairy (the cottage cheese in the Budwig Formula). What did you mean by “try non-dairy”? What non-dairy substitute is there, for the cottage cheese?

  16. Ray Says:

    I am just learning of this superfood combo to treat cancer… Both may dad and one of my older sisters have cancer…. How would this compare this to Essiac Tea ? (8 herb formula) anyone know ?

  17. KS Says:

    I have this food every day, 1x a day, sometimes more. Love it! Here’s how I do it: Mix in handy chopper 1/4 cup cottage cheese with 2T Barlean’s highest lignan flaxseed oil. It mixes into a creamy, whipped consistency. Then, I cut up a whole tomato, salted with HImalyan Celtic sea salt (pink color). I combine the tomato into the cottage cheese/flaxseed oil mixture. Finally, I serve it on GLUTEN FREE table crackers (Schar brand). OMG, Delish!!!! I’m salivating for it right now. I think I’ll go make some more. :=)

  18. Fred Stork Says:

    I must add, that in nutritional circles, whole flax seed is known to have very LOW bio-availability, so using freshly ground seed seems like a good way to go. Note that ground flax seed oxidates and goes rancid very quickly, so it’s advisable to use only freshly ground flax seed.

  19. Teddy Tomasino Says:

    This sounds like a very neat idea! This is a step in the right direction in putting healthcare back in the patient’s control. Patients need to be brought back to the forefront of the healthcare industry while limiting the power of greedy corporations.

  20. Susan Says:


  21. Sheila Says:

    Hi Susan
    I never tried this but there are people that have used with success.
    Whole foods you can get all of this.
    Don’t use flax seed supplements.

    Also I STRONGLY recommend doing energy work.
    Email me if you want a specific recommendation.
    best to you

  22. ulysses almazan Says:

    Whats a good substitute for cottage cheese?

  23. Patricia Says:

    Please keep in mind that flax seed OIL goes rancid very quickly…almost as soon as it leaves the processing plant. Cold pressed or not. If it is not delivered and stored in the shop refrigerated, then do not risk it. For this very reason, never purchased GROUND flax seed either. I know it seems more convenient, but get over it. Your health is worth the ‘inconvenience’ of a few minutes to grind it in a small blender or with your cottage cheese smoothie each time you need it.

  24. Laurie Says:

    Has anyone tried Noxylane4 with the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese? My brother in law was diagnosed with prostate cancer and has been taking flaxseed oil and cottage cheese along with the Noxylane4 for the past month. He was told he had to heal from the biopsy before he could start any treatment such as radiation or surgery (about 3-4 months). He just met with the radiation doctor and she could not feel the tumors (he had 3). Before having surgery or starting radiation, he is requesting to have another biopsy to see if the tumors have shrunk.
    I had an abnormal pap smear about 10 years ago and although I did not know about the flax oil and cottage cheese, I had heard about Noxylane4 and took it for a month. When I went back for a repeat pap a month later, my pap was normal.

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