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When I was told I may not live because my melanoma had spread to my female organs (not good!!), I remembered the message I had been given from God.  Heal body, mind, spirit, emotions and all parts of your life.  I even had drawn a picture of it as I was receiving the information.  (WOW, I wonder where that picture is now)  It seemed VERY clear at that moment that there was more to this healing thing than I thought.  All of a sudden I was told to look at not just my physical body with cancer in it, but my whole life.  There was more to me than just my body.

Then the next messenger, my plastic surgeon, said he had heard you can heal your body by visualizing it being healed.

Because I have always been open to new things, I thought it was intriguing so I set out on a path to learn about visualizing.  I just went through the motions and did what I read.  I didn’t understand what I was doing or really why, but I was certain it couldn’t hurt me.  And just maybe, what if it helped me.  I practiced visualizing my cancer cells being eated up by the most beautiful white light flowing through my body.  It was really relaxing and peaceful and through the process I really believed I was changing something in me.  Now of course, I didn’t know what I was changing and I didn’t know how it could possibly be changing me, BUT you know it really didn’t matter to me.

This was a big transformation for me…..I had always been the one to question everything.  I had to know how things worked and why.  I asked a million questions and analyzed it tirelessly.

But for some reason unknown at the time, I trusted and I believed and I followed what my messengers were telling me.

Was I moving energy then and didn’t know it????

Mysteriously a tape appeared in my can and I began to listen to it.  It was on Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra.  I had never heard of the words they were saying, but again I listened and listened and was very curious.

What were these messages?  What were they trying to tell me?  And who was trying to get my attention?

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