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You are love, You are God-expressed, You are free to choose each moment that which you want to be.

What self do you choose right now?  Small human self?  Divine Soul Self?

Each moment you choose…….What do you choose?

Choose that which you love, choose that which you want to experience, choose that which brings you joy, choose that which you INTEND to feel, see and experience.

You are powerful beyond your knowing.  Trust you are free, trust you are safe to CHOOSE all that want.

I love you

Death Brings New Life

“That cancer call changed my life forever. Facing death, I found life. So truly it was the death of my old self and a rebirth to something greater. I remembered who I really am!”


That was 22 years ago and I could have never dreamed what would be next.  This journey has truly been amazing.

With such limited view of the universe and therefore limited view of ME, I set out believing I think I got it!  Little did I know this was just one very tiny step forward in the process of experiencing who I really was.  When we have a moment of clarity or a wake up call, sometimes we get a glimpse of the magnificence of creation, what it is and who we are.  I experienced the truth of all that is.  At the time it all seemed so clear and I wondered, “How did we all miss this?”

Are YOU living in the Zone?

What does Living in the Zone mean to YOU?

In the zone…connected…or in the flow… that place of pureness of who we really are.  We are connected to divine and our true essence.  The place where we can create anything we desire.  This is the place where we were created to live.  There are numerous references in sacrad texts describing this zone….heaven on earth,  abundance peace and joy are at hand…you are this and more….

Have you ever been in the zone?

  • What does it feel like?
  • How does your life work?
  • What is your mind doing?
  • What are the results of the “zone experience?

Take some time this week to really notice

  • when things go well
  • when thing go not as smooth
  • how does each feel?
  • describe in a journal your experience.

What’s LOVE got to do with it?

Life happens every day, every moment.  We are not sure each moment what is coming our way in this vast, amazing universe.  We dream and hope and plan…..and want to believe the best is coming our way.  We do the things we think we are suppose to be doing and we hope for the best.

What happens when life happens?  Unexplained situations show up in our life and hit us in the face?  What do we do?  How do we cope?  How do we deal with the mack truck plowing us over?

It is not about what is coming at us or what life is delivering us.  It is how we respond to the situation.  Only in that moment can we do or be anything different.  It is only in that moment that we are able to make a choice.  What is your choice?

What Is Truth?

What is truth?  Is there really a universal truth?

Webster says: The meaning of the word truth extends from honesty, good faith, and sincerity in general, to agreement with fact or reality in particular.

The term has no single definition about which a majority of professional philosophers and scholars agree, and various theories of truth continue to be debated. There are differing claims on such questions as what constitutes truth; how to define and identify truth; the roles that revealed and acquired knowledge play; and whether truth is subjective, relative, objective, or absolute. This article introduces the various perspectives and claims, both today and throughout history.

So even the experts are somewhat unsure of what truth really is.

Dealing with a crisis can be the most difficult time of your life.  Everything gets turned upside down.  We may even go into shock.  Now how do we know the truth to follow.

Simple Daily Steps that can Change YOUR life!

YOU are in control of your destiny!!! Its not something or someone doing it to you…

What do you want your life to look like???? Write it down…

Whatever you are dealing with today…remember their are infinite possibilities if you open to them.

Sometimes we can’t see, imagine, feel, or even believe it.

These are simple habits to help you open the door to your heart and create the changes you want in your life.

1. 5 to 15 minutes of quiet time each day connecting to your spirit and heart. Your head is only a tool.

Use your mind only when you need it during your day. Use your mind just like any tool (i.e.calculator)

Take your mind out only when you need it. You are not your mind……Let your spirit out.

I Wonder…..

The simple phrase I wonder……. opens up a piece of you to explore and see and feel your deepest desires.

I wonder what today will bring…

I wonder what I really want to do right now….

I wonder what my greatest gift to the world is….

I wonder how I feel about…..

I wonder if I should call__________….

These simple phrases allow you to stop…it opens you and helps you to feel and get a glimspe of the answer.  All our answers are within us.  Often we act or react to something someone says or what someone wants or wants us to do, without really stopping to check in what is the best for ME!  When we react we are acting on autopilot..we are going through the motions without a clear direction and without lining up with our true wants and desires.

Follow Your Spirit

My good friend Julia Rogers Hamrick wrote a compelling and thought provoking note on the tragedy in Arizona with James Arthur Ray and the sweat lodge.  I know a lot of you have seen the news reports and wonder…..

As we wonder we talk about the facts and then we tend as humans to want to blame someone.  Who is to blame? 

When we blame we are actually pushing our energy out on someone else or out into the world.  Our energy could be a feeling or a thought.  If we have a thought about the event, it is an energy within us.  This is the time we can look within ourselves to find where the thought may also be true in our lives.  Now I am not saying any of us have been in this type of situation, but the thought or feeling is within us for a purpose.  What is the purpose?

The Power Within

Do you feel the power within you?

Do you believe its there?

We are connected to all that is…or God…we are part of God and with that have the power within us to feel the power and love of who we are.

If you can’t feel it, why not?  If you can’t live in the space, why not?

I guess we call it life…we let life get in the way.  Life’s activities seem to take us over and we begin to live in the activities and not in the energy of our power within.  Activities become easier, less stressful, more enjoyable when we start from within.

How do we do it?  Most of us have forgotten….don’t you think?

Start with quiet time with you….just you…five minutes a day.  Make this a priority.  Just be quiet, relax and just be.  Don’t do anything or strive for anything…just be.

Then before you begin any activity……stop, and just breathe…..calm yourself…..feel the energy rush down from your head through your body….feel your body relax.

Just these two practices EVERY DAY will bring your awareness to right now.  JUST do it!

These simple practices will become part of your life and as they do you will experience a new awareness.

Listen to my connection to my power within and how it saved my life!



Love, love, love, love, love, love, love.

In all of the complexities of life, there is no simpler, no more profound truth.

Live in this and all will flourish!

If we just did this…love… ourselves…with no judgement, condemnation……

And loved others….with no judgement or persecution…Love them for EXACTLY who they are no matter what!

Can YOU?

Then what would our world be like…just this one thing???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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