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I Wonder…..

The simple phrase I wonder……. opens up a piece of you to explore and see and feel your deepest desires.

I wonder what today will bring…

I wonder what I really want to do right now….

I wonder what my greatest gift to the world is….

I wonder how I feel about…..

I wonder if I should call__________….

These simple phrases allow you to stop…it opens you and helps you to feel and get a glimspe of the answer.  All our answers are within us.  Often we act or react to something someone says or what someone wants or wants us to do, without really stopping to check in what is the best for ME!  When we react we are acting on autopilot..we are going through the motions without a clear direction and without lining up with our true wants and desires.

Empowering YOU

Ask Yourself Empowering Questions

Sometimes we are so busy and don’t take the time to relax and open to our true potential.

And then we wonder why we get what we do in life…………hmmmmmmmmmmm

This is a short video that will ask empowering questions that will open you up  to YOU!

You ask yourself questions all day long. Are they empowering? Jeanie Marshall, Personal Development Consultant, has created these empowering questions that you can ask yourself. When you ask yourself empowering questions, you open yourself to receive empowering answers. Relax and listen to the music and the questions.

Ask Yourself Empowering Questions

The Power Within

Do you feel the power within you?

Do you believe its there?

We are connected to all that is…or God…we are part of God and with that have the power within us to feel the power and love of who we are.

If you can’t feel it, why not?  If you can’t live in the space, why not?

I guess we call it life…we let life get in the way.  Life’s activities seem to take us over and we begin to live in the activities and not in the energy of our power within.  Activities become easier, less stressful, more enjoyable when we start from within.

How do we do it?  Most of us have forgotten….don’t you think?

Start with quiet time with you….just you…five minutes a day.  Make this a priority.  Just be quiet, relax and just be.  Don’t do anything or strive for anything…just be.

Then before you begin any activity……stop, and just breathe…..calm yourself…..feel the energy rush down from your head through your body….feel your body relax.

Just these two practices EVERY DAY will bring your awareness to right now.  JUST do it!

These simple practices will become part of your life and as they do you will experience a new awareness.

Listen to my connection to my power within and how it saved my life!



Love, love, love, love, love, love, love.

In all of the complexities of life, there is no simpler, no more profound truth.

Live in this and all will flourish!

If we just did this…love… ourselves…with no judgement, condemnation……

And loved others….with no judgement or persecution…Love them for EXACTLY who they are no matter what!

Can YOU?

Then what would our world be like…just this one thing???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

90 Second Tool for Calming Emotions

Isn’t science wonderful?!

Did you know the chemicals that make up our emotional feelings only stay in our blood for 90 seconds? 90 Seconds!

We all have the power to cycle out of worry, anger or fear…here’s how.

Feel how your “mood” or “attitude” or “feeling” actually feels in your body.

  Are you calm? Peaceful? Happy?  Is life feeling pleasant right now? 

If not, then REST, put yourself on PAUSE for 90 seconds. STOP whatever you are doing.

Breathe. Breathe again. Breathe once more.

Then shift your thoughts to anything or anyone you love and allow your chest to relax: music, sunsets, mountains, oceans, dogs – and keep picturing and thinking and breathing for 90 seconds.

This isn’t a game, this is physiology. You must be truly engaged with your emotions for this to work…and it does work!

Living In Easy World

“I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy!”

This week I had the wonderful opportunity to spend an hour with Julia Rogers Hamrick on Truly Alive radio talking about living in Easy World.  The time we spent felt like five minutes.  The energy was explosive.  It even crashed her computer while we were doing the show.  These are signs….signs of what you ask…..Living In EASY WORLD!

It was fun, exciting, easy, flowing, joyful, informative , loving and giving all the things life is meant to be.  This is exactly how life was meant to be for ALL of us ALL the time.  Whoo hoooo!

So what is Easy World?  These are Julia’s words…………….

Who Am I Really-Body, Mind and Spirit?

Consciousness is not in the body; the body is in Consciousness. And you & I, we are that Consciousness

For so long I thought I was my body, but then there was me watching my body.  If I was watching my body, my body wasn’t me.  I was someone outside of my body.

 I also would watch all these crazy, scary thoughts go through my mind.  I would start thinking about cancer growing through my body, and what if it had spread to all my organs.  What if my cancer had spread to my brain?  Is this the end of my life here?  What is going to happen?  Am I going to suffer terribly in pain?  My poor kids, they didn’t need to see their mommy wasting away and being eaten up by cancer. 

Accessing Energy Within

What was trying to get my attention?  Who was trying to get my attention?

What is really ME?  The me I thought didn’t know any of this energy stuff.

I thought I was me, my body, but there was another me, watching all of this.  Who am I?

At this point I realized I was more than my physical body, because I was really the observor of my physical body.  As I began to explore this, I realized that the energy of me was flowing through my physical body.  I became aware of this energy when I would visualize my cancer cells destroyed by this beautiful white light.  I would lay quiet and still and imagine this light penetrating every cell, tissue, organ of my body.  My body felt alive, light and no kidding, I would be free of my pain.  I wanted to stay in this space forever, but obviously I had to move and live in this world.

Healing With Energy

A friend of mine works with men and women with altzheimer’s and dementia.  She loves her work and celebrates life with these special people every day.  She says her purpose is to bring moments of joy to them each day. 

What an amazing purpose!!  Get my book, A Search for Purpose here

One woman who is 86 years old worked hard her whole life causing her to experiencing physical pain in her lower back.  They do everything they can to relieve pain including giving pain medication.  Her family also requests a massage therapist to come in and work on their mother to try to make her as comfortable as possible.

One day the massage therapist came in and suggested she only do hands on energy healing that day. 

We are more than our bodies!

We are first aware of our physical body, then our mental body and then OH, NO! what are all these feelings here for?? and then we begin to recognize our true selves.  Some people refer to this as our soul or our spiritual selves, our higher self, our knowing or intuition, our connection to God. Whatever you choose to call it is perfect for you. 

 I saw myself for many years of my life as this physical body.  I thought as long as I maintained this physical life with success, my life would go smoothly.  Through time many aspects of my physical world and life began falling apart.  I didn’t understand what was happening.  Everything was happening TO me and I didn’t see the connection. 

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