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Be the Observer of YOU

When we can be the objective observer of our life, we become free.

Throughout our lives we have developed expectations of what we think should happen, or how we think our life should be, or how someone else should act…..the list goes on.  It is part of our human nature and has become a habit of ours.  We place expectations on everything.

It goes against our old habits not to have expectations.  But can we drop expectations?  What if we did?  What would happen?

We pray for our desires of what we truly want for our lives to be perfect.  Is this different than expectations?

Could one be coming from our heart and another be coming from our mind?   Maybe, I don’t know.

Dropping all expectations may free some of us from thought, worry, analysis, fear, etc.  The very things that can block us and stop us from moving forward.

The Mind and Healing from Cancer and Disease

What else can our mind do to our body?

If you are in a dangerous situation what happens to you, how do you feel? For example think of a time when you almost had a car accident and in a split second you were safe. What happened to your body, your breathing? Your muscles tense, your heart races and beats faster, and your breathing is fast.

This is your body’s natural instinct to react with this fear. This is instinct. Emotions now are similar but different. They are your body’s response to a thought. So for example you are begin to worry about your daughter who hasn’t come home and you begin to think about the freeway she is driving on and then imagine a horrible accident. Your heart beats faster, your muscles are tense and your breathing is faster.

It Is What It Is…..

Can you accept what is happening right now?

Are you trying to change, manipulate, fight against, struggle, analyze, what is right now?

What is happening right now….It Is What It Is…..

It is what it is….the only way we make it anything is how we perceive it….

It is what it is….the only way we make it anything is how we react to it….

One part of me, my mind, tries hard to figure it out and tries to think it out and tries to talk it out.  This is my habit that I created when I was four or five years old.  I remember being free and knowing all is well!  Then I went to my mind at age six thinking this was the answer to fit in this world we live in…………..big mistake…………….big lesson!

Spiritual Solution to Healing Disease, Cancer??

Spiritual Solution to Healing is there one??

What do you think?

This is a question that we could ponder, analyze, discuss and never intellectually grasp the answer.  Intellectually the mind cannot grasp the depth of the question or answer.  When we think things out we use such a limited aspect of our selves.  The mind is limited in its capacity to search the depths of our entire being.  The mind wasn’t created for this.  The mind is used in our finite reality of the world, not the infinite of the universal mind.

The universal mind as I talk about it here is the ALL…is the everything….is all of energy….is God.

And this is beyond the mind, beyond thought or belief…

So a spiritual solution to healing disease in some way, is beyond our mental capacity.

1.  Develop a spiritual practice so you can experience your higher self…your God-self………..

Living In Easy World

“I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy!”

This week I had the wonderful opportunity to spend an hour with Julia Rogers Hamrick on Truly Alive radio talking about living in Easy World.  The time we spent felt like five minutes.  The energy was explosive.  It even crashed her computer while we were doing the show.  These are signs….signs of what you ask…..Living In EASY WORLD!

It was fun, exciting, easy, flowing, joyful, informative , loving and giving all the things life is meant to be.  This is exactly how life was meant to be for ALL of us ALL the time.  Whoo hoooo!

So what is Easy World?  These are Julia’s words…………….

Love Your Mind Too

The mind is not the enemy, but we can make it so!

We need our mind to use and function in this world.  We just have forgotten how and when to use it.  We have come to believe we are our mind.  All the thoughts that exist have always existed in the universe.  There are no new thoughts.  We just keep thinking them over and over.  Then through time we have come to believe these thoughts and live by all these thoughts and NOW have become these thoughts.  As we have become these thoughts, we have lost ourselves.  We no longer can remember who we are.

Your thoughts are not to be avoided.  You don’t need to try so hard not to think them or to meditate them out.  Your thoughts are to be loved and understood.  When we try hard to change we are fighting against what is part of our existence.  Fighting against always creates more of the very thing.

Who Am I Really-Body, Mind and Spirit?

Consciousness is not in the body; the body is in Consciousness. And you & I, we are that Consciousness

For so long I thought I was my body, but then there was me watching my body.  If I was watching my body, my body wasn’t me.  I was someone outside of my body.

 I also would watch all these crazy, scary thoughts go through my mind.  I would start thinking about cancer growing through my body, and what if it had spread to all my organs.  What if my cancer had spread to my brain?  Is this the end of my life here?  What is going to happen?  Am I going to suffer terribly in pain?  My poor kids, they didn’t need to see their mommy wasting away and being eaten up by cancer. 

Let Go and Heal

Letting go of expectation takes tremendous courage because it can be our expectations that become the foundation of our lives.  When we begin to know who we really are and then embrace the physical, mental and emotional me, we can let go of the expectations we have for ourselves.

What are the expectations you have for yourself?

What happens when you don’t meet those expectations?

We spend so much time, beating ourselves up for what we did and what we said and even what we were thinking in our heads.  When we can drop that and know that is not who we really are, we can take a step to do the next thing. 

Often experiences come into our lives that are unexpected.  “I didn’t want that!” “Why did this happen?”

Could these experiences arrived to assist us to awaken a stronger awareness to love?

What Blocks us from loving Unconditionally

Words of Wisdom from the Cancer Survivor Speaker.  I love to share the lessons I have learned through my cancer survivor journey. 

I truly believe what will set us free to live life joyfully and in peace is loving ourselves and others unconditionally.

When everything else is stripped away, nothing else matters, and all there is left is love.

I remember laying in my hospital bed, crying uncontrollably after hearing the news of my cancer diagnosis.  With such fear crawling through my entire being, I was lost and alone, but yet it all seemed so clear at the time.  Nothing really mattered except love.  Love for and from all the people around me. 

Why is it so hard to love ourselves and others unconditionally?

Let’s start with loving ourselves.

Love Lessons Learning

Why is it so hard to love unconditionally?

Why do we go through our day and react and respond to others with judgement and anger?

Then WHY do we carry it with us all day, and all week and sometimes even for years?

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