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The Mind and Healing from Cancer and Disease

What else can our mind do to our body?

If you are in a dangerous situation what happens to you, how do you feel? For example think of a time when you almost had a car accident and in a split second you were safe. What happened to your body, your breathing? Your muscles tense, your heart races and beats faster, and your breathing is fast.

This is your body’s natural instinct to react with this fear. This is instinct. Emotions now are similar but different. They are your body’s response to a thought. So for example you are begin to worry about your daughter who hasn’t come home and you begin to think about the freeway she is driving on and then imagine a horrible accident. Your heart beats faster, your muscles are tense and your breathing is faster.

Cancer Survivor Stories

 Four very different individuals used four very different plans that have one thing in common: they cure cancer. These amazing stories can offer hope to individuals who are battling cancer. These stories profile the methods used by individuals who developed unique and natural treatments for cancer.

Living Proof – A Man’s Unusual Prescription for Bone Cancer:

In 1995, 54-year-old Michael Gearin-Tosh was diagnosed with myeloma, a form of cancer affecting the bone marrow. Myeloma is one of the most deadly forms of cancer. Faced with the prospect of chemotherapy, he decided to create his own natural protocol which included:

1. Gerson therapy entails juicing fresh fruits and vegetables; it is combined with three coffee enemas per day (

2. Regular acupuncture treatments.

3. He consumed enormous amounts of vitamin C, as prescribed by Dr. Linus Pauling.

Skin Cancer Cure?

‘Cure’ is found for skin cancer, claim scientists…….WOW I can’t wait to hear more on this.

I had stage 4 melanoma and there really is no real effective treatment even today.  Not much progress has been made over the last 15 years.  This is from a report out of the UK.
Scientists believe that they have found a cure for skin cancer.

A vaccine being tested in the UK has helped been shown to help some patients fully recover from melanoma, even in its advanced stages.

It attacks tumour cells, leaving healthy cells undamaged and carries agents that boost the body’s response to skin cancer.
Dr Howard Kaufman, of Chicago’s Rush University Medical Centre, said: “Our study shows we may have a cure for some advanced melanoma patients and a drug which has real benefits for others.

“This will save thousands of lives a year.”

Healing Work of Vitamin D

Vitamin D for Bones, Breasts and Body Building: Every Woman’s Guardian Angel

Did you know that a Vitamin D deficiency can lead to many different diseases and health problems in women? It’s one of the most important building blocks our body has. Without enough Vitamin D. many of a woman’s systems are missing an important ingredient. And it’s easy to get enough Vitamin D. You just have to pay attention! We hear about the importance of calcium for our bones, but the benefits of Vitamin D are just as important if not more so. They do work together. Vitamin D is so important to women, especially as we age, that it could even be called a woman’s guardian angel. It is now considered one of the most important supplements to monitor and frankly, it is very difficult for an active woman to get too much of it.

Emotions Help Heal

Do you ever wonder why others treat you badly or wrong you in some way?  We often think it is something wrong with them and tend to blame.  How can we use it to benefit ourselves and our health?

Throughout our lives we have acquired behavior and actions as a result of our environment, from our parents, teachers, friends.  We may have watched our parents interactions and through them made assumptions about how to behave in a marriage and home.  We make assumptions on what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t.  Often we are quite unaware of how we take on others actions, until we find ourselves in a similar situation and we see ourselves acting just as our parents did.

We have to choices…be aware of it..take note and ask, Isn’t that interesting?  Why am I acting like that?

Heal yourself in 15 days Part 5

Heal yourself in 15 days with the Health Ranger’s living juice recipe (part five)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Continuing our 15-part article series called Heal Yourself in 15 Days, today we focus on cleansing your digestive tract and energizing your cellular energy with the help of some living foods. This is in preparation for part six in the series, which we’ll get to tomorrow.

Here’s the cool part about this: You don’t need a juicer to do this step. All you really need is a blender and a nut milk bag (a fine mesh bag used to squeeze out the juice). Of course, a proper juicer really helps, but it’s not required. Below, I’m going to give you an absolutely delicious live foods juicing recipe that I think you’ll really enjoy. I’m using special ingredients in this juice that help mask the more bland tastes of the green ingredients, so even if you’ve tried fresh living juices in the past and didn’t like them, check out what you’ll read below…

Healing Words from Caroline Sutherland

This week I had the honor of spending time talking with Caroline Sutherland, an amazing wise woman.  She poured out information, ideas, product, tools, websites, etc. for all of us to use to heal our bodies.  I have an audio of this incredible information so watch for the information to download it.  I will send via email so sign your name and email to the right to get it.

Caroline Sutherland is internationally renowned for her gifted ability as a medical intuitive, and specializes in breaking through the body’s health and wellness code to reveal some of its veiled mysteries.

What is a medical intuitive??

Medical intuition is the ability to see beyond the normal layers of perception into subtle levels below the surface, helping you to find solutions to the health questions that affect us all.  She can read your body.  It is incredible.

Heal yourself in 15 days by transforming your blood 4

Heal yourself in 15 days by transforming your blood (part four)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

In part four, we take a closer look at how to transform your health by changing your blood.

Your blood is a useful focal point for exploring your health. Whatever health outcome you are experiencing today, it is largely a result of what’s in your blood.

Think about it: Your blood bathes your cells in nutrients 24 hours a day. Blood not only brings vital nutrients to your cells; it also carries away metabolic waste products. It is the superhighway of nutrition and detoxification that reaches into (virtually) every organ and cell in your entire body.

Heal yourself in 15 days – You are what you absorb 3

This is so true…the following article has been key in my health journey.  I still today, deal with fungus overgrowth and controlling it.  I have many symptoms from it and continue every day to work at eliminating it.  I know this to be true….fungus affects your overall health and can affect every organ and cell of your body.  It is many times the beginning of many diseases.

To hear more on fungus listen to this interview I did with Jim Haszinger on fungus and health.

Also for products I recommend, go here and get Be A Cancer Survivor: A Process to Wellness.  I list all products, doctors, websites, information you can use to improve your health.

Heal yourself in 15 days – You are what you absorb (part three)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Recognizing your Innate Healing 2

Heal yourself in 15 days by Recognizing your Innate Healing Power (part two)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

When you scrape your elbow, a bit of blood oozes out to clean the wound and wash away bacteria. It then forms a protective scab that keeps out invading microorganisms while your skin has a chance to heal underneath. There, some real magic takes place: Your skin cells innately recognize the need to divide and grow to fill the wound. A cancer-like process is unleashed at the cellular level, activating nearby cells to divide and grow. Your DNA is replicated in the nucleus of each cell with the help of some of the most astounding nanotechnology every witnessed in human civilization. (The best scientists in the world can’t even come close to recreating it.)

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