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Christmas Wonder

The simple phrase I wonder……. opens up a piece of you to explore and see and feel your deepest desires.

I wonder what today will bring…

I wonder what this Christmas season will bring….

I wonder what the meaning of this holiday season is for me……

I wonder how I could give and receive love…..

I wonder what the biggest gift I could give…..

I wonder what I am to learn this coming year…..

I wonder what I really want to do right now….

I wonder what my greatest gift to the world is….

I wonder how I feel about…..

I wonder if I should call__________….

Your Authentic Self Heals

What is living your authentic self?  What does this really mean?

Living your authentic self is living your true nature, your inner truth,that truth which resides in your heart and soul.  When you are living your authentic self you are guided every moment by the divine truth within you.

You are not acting and saying based on who you are talking to or what others think you should do or say.  You are not allowing the world around you to dictate what you do and who you are.  Deep within you is the truth of who you are and what you believe and you act on this guidance throughout your day.  You are true to yourself.  This is being authentic.

Here is an article by Carol Adrienne and some good tips on being authentic and how to notice when you aren’t.

Introduction to Matrix Energetics

Introduction to Matrix Energetics. The founder is Dr. Bartlett and his daughter is Justice. Justice is on Truly alive radio next week with me and I am so excited to have her. You don’t want to miss what this 20 something knows about healing.

Matrix Energetics and Healing

Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Transformation is a new book out by Dr. Bartlett, founder of Matrix Energetics. 

The following is a review written by a doctor after reading the book and experiencing Matrixs Energetics.  I wanted to include it here as a testimonial to the possibilities of energy, consciousness and our ability to heal.

“I would not be writing this review, but I decided to after reading the previous post that this book is “Total Bunk.”Being a doctor and also interested in quantum physics, I was intrigued with the idea of combining the two.I read the book with a somewhat skeptical mindset, but tried to keep open-minded enough to see if there was “something” I could get from it.I agree with some other posters that the book is somewhat of a hodgepodge and not really good at explaining the techniques.For writing, I would give it only three stars.I also thought some of the claims made either by the author or by some of the seminar attendees (as outlined in the book) were a bit pie-in-the-sky.I went to the website and noticed an upcoming seminar close to me and decided to see for myself what it was about.

Energy Healing

This is a great article by one of my coaches on breakthroughs in public awareness and healing using energy.  It is refreshing to see research and now movies sharing and explaining the possibilities of healing with energy.  Scientists are beginning to talk about it more and more and understand the potential.  This is an exciting time.  I used energy healing to heal from stage 4 melanoma cancer, so I know it is possible.  And it is possible for YOU and everyone.

Please share this blog with your friends and be sure to sign up for my free book….5 Steps to heal

Dr. Oz, Energy Healing & Miracles  By David Morelli

Are you ready for creative, new solutions to age old health problems? 

In an appearance on Oprah, Dr. Mehmet Oz stated it well, “As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier…in medicine is energy medicine.”

It Is What It Is…..

Can you accept what is happening right now?

Are you trying to change, manipulate, fight against, struggle, analyze, what is right now?

What is happening right now….It Is What It Is…..

It is what it is….the only way we make it anything is how we perceive it….

It is what it is….the only way we make it anything is how we react to it….

One part of me, my mind, tries hard to figure it out and tries to think it out and tries to talk it out.  This is my habit that I created when I was four or five years old.  I remember being free and knowing all is well!  Then I went to my mind at age six thinking this was the answer to fit in this world we live in…………..big mistake…………….big lesson!

Illusions of life can Save Your Life!

My friend Jaques wrote this for us and it is so true…the lies we tell ourselves and then live out every day.  We think they are true and real and we carry them with us and live them.  They are not true.

They are showing up in our life for a purpose.  We wanted them to show up for us.  We actually set it up this way

They show up for us to see what it is we want and don’t want.  They show up to remind us that we are not those thoughts or words or actions.  They show up to remind us who we really are.  It is like a game.  We came here knowing the rules and how life worked and why we are here.  Through life we slowly forgot the rules, how the game was played and why.  Even if we have forgotten, we are still playing the game because we are living.

I Wonder…..

The simple phrase I wonder……. opens up a piece of you to explore and see and feel your deepest desires.

I wonder what today will bring…

I wonder what I really want to do right now….

I wonder what my greatest gift to the world is….

I wonder how I feel about…..

I wonder if I should call__________….

These simple phrases allow you to stop…it opens you and helps you to feel and get a glimspe of the answer.  All our answers are within us.  Often we act or react to something someone says or what someone wants or wants us to do, without really stopping to check in what is the best for ME!  When we react we are acting on autopilot..we are going through the motions without a clear direction and without lining up with our true wants and desires.

Empowering YOU

Ask Yourself Empowering Questions

Sometimes we are so busy and don’t take the time to relax and open to our true potential.

And then we wonder why we get what we do in life…………hmmmmmmmmmmm

This is a short video that will ask empowering questions that will open you up  to YOU!

You ask yourself questions all day long. Are they empowering? Jeanie Marshall, Personal Development Consultant, has created these empowering questions that you can ask yourself. When you ask yourself empowering questions, you open yourself to receive empowering answers. Relax and listen to the music and the questions.

Ask Yourself Empowering Questions

Follow Your Spirit

My good friend Julia Rogers Hamrick wrote a compelling and thought provoking note on the tragedy in Arizona with James Arthur Ray and the sweat lodge.  I know a lot of you have seen the news reports and wonder…..

As we wonder we talk about the facts and then we tend as humans to want to blame someone.  Who is to blame? 

When we blame we are actually pushing our energy out on someone else or out into the world.  Our energy could be a feeling or a thought.  If we have a thought about the event, it is an energy within us.  This is the time we can look within ourselves to find where the thought may also be true in our lives.  Now I am not saying any of us have been in this type of situation, but the thought or feeling is within us for a purpose.  What is the purpose?

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