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What is Consciousness?

“Consciousness is the quality or state of being aware of an external object or something within oneself.  It has been defined as: sentience, awareness, subjectivity, the ability to experience or to feel, wakefulness, having a sense of selfhood, and the executive control system of the mind.” (wikipedia)

I believe there are infinite levels of consciousness and the journey never ends.  Whether we are in this physical body or something else….we continue evolving in consciousness.  I believe there are many dimensions and many parts of ourselves that exist.

We never die just transform……we exist (our spirit/soul or energy or whatever you prefer to call it) always in all-ways.

How Do YOU know when you are Living in the Zone?

We know we are in the zone when life happens effortlessly!

What you need just appears…

Answers you want appear…

People you are to meet just show up….

Money you want appears…..

Activities that fill your soul happen…

Clients appear….

Business thrives…

Your mind is quiet!  You no longer spend day and night thinking and trying to figure everything out.

Worry disappears and when it does creep in, you see immediately and clearly what it is and you laugh.

You trust that all is provided when needed, so you can let go of the need to figure it out.

When sadness or despair appear, you feel it deeply and know that it is a moment of eternity and let it go.

You breathe easier….you are more content…you are peaceful… smile more….

With 100% confidence you know you are always where you should be….

Enlightenment and Consciousness

Enlightenment Is The Ultimate Maturity   
By Jafree Ozwald

Enlightenment is the Mount Everest in human consciousness. There is nothing greater in life to discover.  It is the peak of ones existence that naturally blossoms when you’ve reached a sweet ripe maturity within every area of your life.  Full enlightenment is not just about reaching a transcendental state of bliss through meditation.  The real deal means you’ve also integrated this expanded understanding into your personal life.  When you have mastered your relationships with people, money, food, sex, health, your body, feelings, thoughts and everything on your inner and outer world, then enlightenment simply finds you.  It doesn’t have to take very long, the moment you discover a deep and complete peace within every area of your life, you will have reached the highest level of maturity and reveal what the enlightened state is all about.

Spiritual Healing

Remember that there are no problems, there is no death, and there are no diseases, illness, or injuries.

There is nothing to heal, fix or change because everything that is real is already perfect.

When we know this to be truth, even for just an instant, LOVE heals our mind from fear.

Pelicans Pelicans What Do They Mean??

The pelicans were here when we arrived……fascinating…inspiring…..

I arrived at the lake to prepare for some friends to arrive for a couple days of fun.  It was raining and overcast skies.  Not a perfect setting for a bonfire and time at the lake but was assured that all would be perfect.

As my friends arrived we noticed two beautiful pelicans sitting right in front of the cabin on the lake.  I had never seen that before.  Then they explained that they had seen pelicans as they were driving to the lake.  They were beautiful, peaceful and serene.  What a message for us, for all of us to live our life in peace and serenity.

As time went by we saw a third pelican, then a fourth.  I couldn’t believe it!  Why were they suddenly here?  They had never been here for 11 years.  Even more intriguing….they were all right in front of our cabin.  They had the whole lake.

Fear of Cancer


How do I deal with the never ending fear associated with a cancer diagnosis?  (not just for cancer but for all our fears)

Just the word cancer brings up a huge energy of fear in everyone…we have come to know the word and the dreaded consequences of it.  Cancer seems to be everywhere….it touches everyones life…its scary!!  We begin to believe if I get cancer its a death sentence.  Its not….but we hold these beliefs and fears about cancer within us.

If you are going through treatment for cancer it is a never ending state of fear…is the treatment working?

Will my cancer cells die?  Will it come back?  Will I be sick?  What will happen to my kids, spouse, family? How am I going to pay for all this?  What if I can’t work?  What if I lose my job?  What if I die?

Fear that Stops our Life

This is a direct message from our angels I received as a gift…..It is a gift to share with everyone!

In thinking about what I was told, the truth rang out to me.  See how it feels to you.

This is a human dilemna….we live with so much fear that separates us from our inherit greatness.

You can insert any word in the place of “illness” and it still feels true to me.  So whatever it is you are dealing with, take these wise words and use them in your life…….

“Yes I am your angel & I am with thee at your side. I have heard your question about fear ….

You fear what you can not see and you separate yourself from what it is that you are…which is  pure light  and oneness with that light.

You go outside of yourself and allow yourself to feel the unknown as fear.  

Cancer Survivor Stories

 Four very different individuals used four very different plans that have one thing in common: they cure cancer. These amazing stories can offer hope to individuals who are battling cancer. These stories profile the methods used by individuals who developed unique and natural treatments for cancer.

Living Proof – A Man’s Unusual Prescription for Bone Cancer:

In 1995, 54-year-old Michael Gearin-Tosh was diagnosed with myeloma, a form of cancer affecting the bone marrow. Myeloma is one of the most deadly forms of cancer. Faced with the prospect of chemotherapy, he decided to create his own natural protocol which included:

1. Gerson therapy entails juicing fresh fruits and vegetables; it is combined with three coffee enemas per day (

2. Regular acupuncture treatments.

3. He consumed enormous amounts of vitamin C, as prescribed by Dr. Linus Pauling.

Miracles DO Happen!

Miracles do happen…and they can happen to you too.
I just had the opportunity to experience a miracle first hand. I was blessed by Trivedi an amzing master and teacher who channels divine energy and transfits it to others.

I was feeling a lot of pain…..the pain was gone…I know it sounds incredible and it is…

I have always believed in miracles…

I have always believed anything is possible….

And I have always believed that it really is our birthright to be healthy and abundant.

It doesn’t have to be hard or a struggle…I have always believed, IT REALLY HAS TO BE SIMPLE!

We are blessed to be living in 2010 when miracles happen all the time, when the energy of the universe and humanity is at a place of expansion. When the energy of the universe from the Divine is flowing freely and when individuals walk this planet who are gifted with the ability to trransfer this God energy.

Faith, Hope & Healing

I wanted to share this article on Dr. Bernie Siegel.  He was one of the first I read after being diagnosed with melanoma.  Back then I had never heard of visualization or meditating and taking charge of my health.  He and Dr. Simonton had a huge role in my recovery.  I listened and followed what they suggested.

Now years later, there are thousands of stories of healing from cancer.  If we open ourselves to a possibility…just maybe it could help…we can access a potential, an energy we didn’t know existed.  
The New Age Medicine of Dr. Bernie Siegel
Clete Hux

………………There are many examples which could be given and easily recognized as sensational quackery in the field of holistic medicine. It is crucial to look at one of the more subtle and winsome personalities.

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