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Be the Observer of YOU

When we can be the objective observer of our life, we become free.

Throughout our lives we have developed expectations of what we think should happen, or how we think our life should be, or how someone else should act…..the list goes on.  It is part of our human nature and has become a habit of ours.  We place expectations on everything.

It goes against our old habits not to have expectations.  But can we drop expectations?  What if we did?  What would happen?

We pray for our desires of what we truly want for our lives to be perfect.  Is this different than expectations?

Could one be coming from our heart and another be coming from our mind?   Maybe, I don’t know.

Dropping all expectations may free some of us from thought, worry, analysis, fear, etc.  The very things that can block us and stop us from moving forward.

Fear of Cancer


How do I deal with the never ending fear associated with a cancer diagnosis?  (not just for cancer but for all our fears)

Just the word cancer brings up a huge energy of fear in everyone…we have come to know the word and the dreaded consequences of it.  Cancer seems to be everywhere….it touches everyones life…its scary!!  We begin to believe if I get cancer its a death sentence.  Its not….but we hold these beliefs and fears about cancer within us.

If you are going through treatment for cancer it is a never ending state of fear…is the treatment working?

Will my cancer cells die?  Will it come back?  Will I be sick?  What will happen to my kids, spouse, family? How am I going to pay for all this?  What if I can’t work?  What if I lose my job?  What if I die?

What does love mean?

What Love means to a 4-8 year old .  This is so touching and so much wisdom from our wisest souls.

Touching words from the mouth of babes.   A group of professional people posed this question to a group of 4 to 8 year-olds, ‘What does love mean?’

The answers they got were broader and deeper than anyone could have imagined. See what you think:

‘When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn’t bend over and paint her

toenails anymore. So my grandfather

does it for her all the time, even when

his hands got arthritis too. That’s love..’

Rebecca- age 8

‘When someone loves you, the way

they say your name is different.
You just know that your name is safe

in their mouth.’

Billy – age 4

‘Love is when a girl puts on perfume

Emotions Help Heal

Do you ever wonder why others treat you badly or wrong you in some way?  We often think it is something wrong with them and tend to blame.  How can we use it to benefit ourselves and our health?

Throughout our lives we have acquired behavior and actions as a result of our environment, from our parents, teachers, friends.  We may have watched our parents interactions and through them made assumptions about how to behave in a marriage and home.  We make assumptions on what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t.  Often we are quite unaware of how we take on others actions, until we find ourselves in a similar situation and we see ourselves acting just as our parents did.

We have to choices…be aware of it..take note and ask, Isn’t that interesting?  Why am I acting like that?

90 Second Tool for Calming Emotions

Isn’t science wonderful?!

Did you know the chemicals that make up our emotional feelings only stay in our blood for 90 seconds? 90 Seconds!

We all have the power to cycle out of worry, anger or fear…here’s how.

Feel how your “mood” or “attitude” or “feeling” actually feels in your body.

  Are you calm? Peaceful? Happy?  Is life feeling pleasant right now? 

If not, then REST, put yourself on PAUSE for 90 seconds. STOP whatever you are doing.

Breathe. Breathe again. Breathe once more.

Then shift your thoughts to anything or anyone you love and allow your chest to relax: music, sunsets, mountains, oceans, dogs – and keep picturing and thinking and breathing for 90 seconds.

This isn’t a game, this is physiology. You must be truly engaged with your emotions for this to work…and it does work!

All You Have to Do is Breathe!

All You Have to Do is Breathe! 

These have been my encouraging words for years now.  When dealing with a crisis or a difficult interaction, or experience and we are talking about it and feeling overwhelmed and sad and angry, all we really have to do is breathe.  All these emotions come up and take over our bodies and our minds.  Sometimes we even feel like we are going crazy, we feel we are out of control.  And we probably are!

We have let these emotions, which are energy, run wild in and around our bodies.  The energy is negative and affects our body.  The mind then feeds off this energy and thus creates more thoughts, which in turn creates more negative emotion and more negative energy all around us.  It is a feeding frenzy, creating more and more of the emotion and thought we don’t want.  We feel like we are caught in a wheel out of control and can’t get off. 

Spiritual Solution to Healing 2

What an amazing experience I had yesterday on Truly Alive Radio with Yolaine Stout.  We were discussing spiritual solutions to healing and depression more specifically.

Yolaine had 3 episodes of major depression and each one ended in a miraculous physical healing also.  How does that happen?  (Listen to her story on Truly Alive radio to the right on this page).

I believe when we are in a tug of war between our spirit self and our ego self .  When we are in perfect alignment with our spirit self and all that is, God, universe whatever you want to call it, miracles happen.  This is a natural occurance when we are in this state of being.  I believe in miracles every moment.  I believe we were born to express our God self through our physical experience.

When we become distracted by our thoughts and our mind, we are unable to hear our true self speaking to us. 

Sharing Love Through Cancer

We are all here to love ourselves and then share that love with others.

We are all created in love and our true essence is love.  When we experience this as ourself, we can share it with the rest of God’s creation.  Love is the energy we communicate in.  We can all feel it.  Can YOU?

This is a powerful expression of love.  One little girl loving and giving of her love as her family experiences cancer.  This is a 20 second video.  Feel it and share it.

Click here to see love in action

Be Love

The root of all human suffering is the belief that “I am not good enough”.

This was one of my most profound lessons as a cancer survivor.

Yet the core of our being, our soul, is LOVE!

We lose ourselves in this thing we call life. We forget who we are and what we came here for. We begin to believe we are all these experiences we are having. Through our experiences, we form beliefs and then we live out these beliefs over and over.

But we are not our thoughts, beliefs, and experiences. They exist outside of us.

We have a choice every moment to love and accept ourselves and create the life we choose. So many of us spend our time hoping, wishing, planning and scheming for our lives to be different than what they already are. We have used so much energy and time trying to create situations other than the one that we have, and end up missing the life in front our noses today.

Love Yourself-Key to life and Healing

Fall in love with YOU!

Make lists of  all the wonderful things about you. Keep adding to it every day.

These are simple words of wisdom from a cancer survivor that knows it is part of any healing.

Know that you are perfect. Do not think any negative thoughts about you.

Know that you are worthy and deserving of anything and everything you could possibly want in your life.

This isn’t something we were taught and socialized with.  But we can remember that feeling as a very young child.  Can’t YOU?

Every single relationship you have is a reflection of how you feel inside about you. You are a magnet attracting to you all things, via the signal you are emitting through your thoughts and feelings. Every relationship you have and every interaction with every person, is a reflection of your own thoughts and feelings in that very moment.  Jaffee

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