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Isn’t Anyone looking at Healing The Body with Cancer

We all know something is working with our medical systems today. Costs are rising for health care and insurance.  More and more people don’t have health insurance and can’t get the care they need.  Something has to change.

Through all my experiences as I travel the medical hallways with cancer, I realized the system in the west is to treat the symptoms.  If they got rid of the symptoms, they believed they were successful.  But what about the cause??  Who was treating the cause or looking for the cause so we could heal our bodies.  I was so discouraged that I couldn’t find anyone to help me heal from cancer in the medical industry.  How could that be?

So what if they got rid of the tumor, if the environment where the tumor grew didn’t change.  Its a pretty good bet I would grow more cancer cells! 

Irradiated Foods Cause Severe Neurological Damage

There are so many things are bodies our exposed to in the world. This is an interesting article on how food irradiated caused damage in cats. They don’t think it has any link to humans, since our food is also irradiated.

It makes you wonder though…… many diseases do you know now that were never heard of 60 years ago?

How many children did you hear having brain tumors or autism, etc. 60 years ago?

Irradiated Foods Cause Severe Neurological Damage
by Sherry Baker, Health Sciences Editor

In a study just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) report on cats developing severe neurological symptoms due to a degradation of myelin, the fatty insulator of nerve fibers called axons. Because myelin facilitates the conduction of nerve signals, when it is lost or damaged there can be impairment of sensation, movement, thinking and other functions, depending on what particular nerves are affected. This loss of myelin is found in several disorders of the central nervous system in humans — the best known being multiple sclerosis (MS).

BEWARE drugs containing PHENYLPROPANOLAMINE are dangerous!

I wanted to pass along some information forwarded to me so we can all be informed.  As your cancer survivor speaker I will continue to share info I find or receive so we can all make informed choices for ourselves and family.  Remember to read it with an open heart and find out what is true for you.

There is so much we don’t know….share it with friends.

I received this information from a friend whose mother recently passed away. Apparently, this was caused by a medication that is deadly. Here are the details, and I suggest you pass it on to your loved ones and others.

Subject: Phenylpropanolamine (PPA)

Lifestyle and Cancer

How to Slash World Cancer Rates By 90 Percent: Healthy Foods, Exercise and Vitamin D
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Although you won’t hear this from the cancer industry or the drug companies that profit from cancer, there’s an easy, low-cost and remarkably safe way to slash cancer rates around the world by about one-third, says the World Cancer Research Fund: Promote healthy foods and exercise! (

According to research just released by the WCRF, simple changes in diet and exercise can prevent nearly 40 percent of breast and pancreatic cancers, 36 percent of lung cancers, over 60 percent of mouth cancers, a quarter of kidney cancers and 45 percent of bowel cancers.

Remarkably, these results were achieved without any mention of vitamin D! By adding vitamin D to the mix, which by itself has been demonstrated to prevent an astonishing 77 percent of all cancers (, cancer prevention rates approaching 90 percent overall can be easily achieved.

Cancer Causing Product

Common Mouthwash Products Boost Risk of Oral Cancer by 900 Percent
by David Gutierrer

The use of mouthwashes that contain alcohol as an ingredient can drastically increase a person’s risk of cancers of the mouth, head and neck, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Australia’s University of Melbourne and University of Queensland School of Dentistry.

Researchers studied use of mouthwash among 3,210 people and compared it with rates of mouth, head and neck cancers.

“We see people with oral cancer who have no other risk factors than the use of [mouthwash containing alcohol], so what we’ve done is review all the evidence,” said lead researcher Michael McCullough, chair of the Australian Dental Association’s therapeutics committee,

You Can’t Heal If you are Angry

So many of us carry our hurts and sadness from the past to this very moment.  Then in this very moment we react in anger from something in the past.  It is really not the moment, or what is said or done in the moment, that we are angry about.  It is usually something that triggered a past memory, which we became angry about back then, and we are still carrying around with us.

What past memories are you carrying around with you?  What are you still angry about?  Who are you still angry at?

Make the list……………………

You cannot heal until you let the anger go……………………

For cancer support email me

What Does Natural Really Mean?

Natural is a word that is thrown around and is suppose to be good for us.  I do believe our bodies are saturated with chemicals and toxins in our food, our products, homes, environement, etc.  I do believe this is one of the reasons our bodies are breaking down.  Then we label the “breakdown” as a disease of some kind.

As your cancer survivor speaker today I am sharing an article that you should remember when purchasing your next lotion, deoderant, shampoo, et…

What is Truly Natural?
by Michael Lee

“Natural” is an abused word in the marketplace today. A stunning number of products claiming to be “natural” are not. Find out what you should look for when purchasing natural skin care products.

In a society where the word ‘natural’ sells, you have no doubt seen store shelves lined with so-called natural products. Shampoos, lotions, and other topical crèmes are being marketed as natural. But how do you know if the product you are using truly is pure and natural?

Cancer Support

Cancer support is critical as you begin a treatment plan you choose.  And if your doctors don’t know how to help you support your body and heal, like my doctors didn’t, find someone you trust.  It could be a friend or a natural doctor or chiropractor someone who can offer cancer support.  Someone who can help you build your body to be strong and healthy.

There isn’t one path to take or one answer, but there are many options to try.  I used an integrative approach to healing from cancer.  Be open to receive what is right for you.

Always trust your instincts or intuition on this cancer survivor journey.  You have great wisdom within to help guide you.  I can help guide you email Cancer Survivor Speaker at

Cancer Survivor Speaker, What the Doctors Don’t Tell You!

As your cancer survivor speaker, I am compelled this morning to speak louder!

After speaking with several people the last few days about cancer, one thing kept ringing in my ears louder and louder!  And the doctors are still not telling the millions of people with cancer!!

We trust our doctors and listen to them and believe they are doing everything they can to help save our lives.  This is true in most cases.  But my experience tells me they don’t have all the tools.  And if you don’t have the tools, you can’t use the tools, and if you don’t have the tools, you can’t share the tools.

Speaking from personal experience only, I know when I asked the most obvious question to my team of doctors, their faces dropped and they said, I don’t know how!!

You Can Stop Cancer long before a Tumor

Cancer Spreads Through Body Long Before Tumor Develops
by David Gutierrez, staff writer

 Seemingly healthy cells may spread to distant parts of the body long before any cancerous tumors are visible, researchers have discovered. This suggests that the virulence of a specific case of cancer might actually be determined early in the disease, perhaps even before diagnosis.

At issue is a phenomenon called metastasis, by which cancer cells spread from one organ to a non-adjacent organ. Cancers that have metastasized are particularly lethal and hard to treat; the majority of lethal breast cancers, for example, are metastatic.

“These findings indicate that properties inherent in normal cells are sufficient for negotiating a significant portion of the metastatic cascade,” lead researcher Dr Katrina Podsypanina said. “Our data seems to point toward the inherent decision that is made when the tumor is formed whether it is highly malignant or not.”

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