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Cancer Survivor Stories

 Four very different individuals used four very different plans that have one thing in common: they cure cancer. These amazing stories can offer hope to individuals who are battling cancer. These stories profile the methods used by individuals who developed unique and natural treatments for cancer.

Living Proof – A Man’s Unusual Prescription for Bone Cancer:

In 1995, 54-year-old Michael Gearin-Tosh was diagnosed with myeloma, a form of cancer affecting the bone marrow. Myeloma is one of the most deadly forms of cancer. Faced with the prospect of chemotherapy, he decided to create his own natural protocol which included:

1. Gerson therapy entails juicing fresh fruits and vegetables; it is combined with three coffee enemas per day (

2. Regular acupuncture treatments.

3. He consumed enormous amounts of vitamin C, as prescribed by Dr. Linus Pauling.

Turn Cancer Off

Cancer – Turn It On or Turn It Off

America has one of the highest cancer rates in the world, and cancer is the most dreaded disease in our society. Once rare, affecting less than one in a thousand, by 1900 cancer affected 30 in a thousand. Today almost 500 in a thousand will develop cancer in their lifetimes. The situation has become so bad that almost all Americans over the age of 50 have cancer!

For example, it is known that after age 50, 40 percent of men have prostate cancer and 40 percent of women have breast cancer, and these are just two cancers. Cancer is also increasing among children and, after accidents, it is their biggest killer.

Healing Work of Vitamin D

Vitamin D for Bones, Breasts and Body Building: Every Woman’s Guardian Angel

Did you know that a Vitamin D deficiency can lead to many different diseases and health problems in women? It’s one of the most important building blocks our body has. Without enough Vitamin D. many of a woman’s systems are missing an important ingredient. And it’s easy to get enough Vitamin D. You just have to pay attention! We hear about the importance of calcium for our bones, but the benefits of Vitamin D are just as important if not more so. They do work together. Vitamin D is so important to women, especially as we age, that it could even be called a woman’s guardian angel. It is now considered one of the most important supplements to monitor and frankly, it is very difficult for an active woman to get too much of it.

Heal yourself in 15 days Part 5

Heal yourself in 15 days with the Health Ranger’s living juice recipe (part five)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Continuing our 15-part article series called Heal Yourself in 15 Days, today we focus on cleansing your digestive tract and energizing your cellular energy with the help of some living foods. This is in preparation for part six in the series, which we’ll get to tomorrow.

Here’s the cool part about this: You don’t need a juicer to do this step. All you really need is a blender and a nut milk bag (a fine mesh bag used to squeeze out the juice). Of course, a proper juicer really helps, but it’s not required. Below, I’m going to give you an absolutely delicious live foods juicing recipe that I think you’ll really enjoy. I’m using special ingredients in this juice that help mask the more bland tastes of the green ingredients, so even if you’ve tried fresh living juices in the past and didn’t like them, check out what you’ll read below…

Heal yourself in 15 days – You are what you absorb 3

This is so true…the following article has been key in my health journey.  I still today, deal with fungus overgrowth and controlling it.  I have many symptoms from it and continue every day to work at eliminating it.  I know this to be true….fungus affects your overall health and can affect every organ and cell of your body.  It is many times the beginning of many diseases.

To hear more on fungus listen to this interview I did with Jim Haszinger on fungus and health.

Also for products I recommend, go here and get Be A Cancer Survivor: A Process to Wellness.  I list all products, doctors, websites, information you can use to improve your health.

Heal yourself in 15 days – You are what you absorb (part three)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

Breast Cancer: Can this really prevent?

When I was healing from terminal cancer, I would try anything that was toxic, along with my medical treatment I was trying with my doctors.  I took an integrative medicine approach to get the maximum benefits.  My life was too important.  I figured it can’t hurt, why not try….. Read my story Song of My Soul

Here is an interesting article and some breast cancer research.  I would love to hear what you think.  Would you try it?

(NaturalNews) Seasoning food with turmeric and black pepper can do more than just spice up a meal. Researchers at the University of Michigan (U-M) Comprehensive Cancer Center have found that the compounds curcumin, which is derived from turmeric, and piperine, derived from black pepper, could play an important role in preventing and even treating breast cancer.

Cancer Drugs Make Tumors Grow?

Here is new research you must read on drugs used for treating cancer! 

Again use what feels right to you in choosing your treatment plan.  I am here to offer cancer support and as a cancer survivor speaker, I am here to speak to you on all topics related to cancer survival. 

Cancer Drugs Make Tumors Grow 

Drugs like Avastin that are used to treat some cancers are supposed to work by blocking a vessel growth-promoting protein called vascular endothelial growth factor, or VEGF. With VEGF held in check, researchers have assumed tumors wouldn’t generate blood vessels and that should keep malignancies from growing. In a sense, the cancerous growths would be “starved”. But new research just published in the journal Nature shows this isn’t true. Instead of weakening blood vessels so they won’t “feed” malignant tumors, these cancer treatments, known as anti-angiogenesis drugs, actually normalize and strengthen blood vessels — and that means they can spur tumors to grow larger.

Be A Cancer Survivor

If YOU are looking for………..Healing options for Cancer or other Diseases your doctor hasn’t told you about

  • Additional support with Chemotherapy or Radiation treatment
  • Tools to use to help you heal
  •  Trusted doctors, practitioners, and resources
  •  Quality products for healing
  •  Hope that anything is possible
  •  Natural products and services to supplement your healing
  • Spiritual practices to facilitate your healing
  • Support from someone who has experienced the devastation of a cancer diagnosis

Go here to learn more Be A Cancer Survivor: A Process to Wellness….I tell all….

The body needs help in healing itself.  It was created to naturally heal itself.

When disease or symptoms are present in the body, the body is energetically blocked. 

Today there are many energy healing modalities available and many, many gifted practitioners to help you.  This work is easy, fast and painless.

Prevent Cancer with Vitamin E

Natural Vitamin E Slashes Lung Cancer Risk by 55 Percent
by David Gutierrez, staff writer

(NaturalNews) A higher intake of vitamin E can cut the risk of lung cancer by more than half, researchers from the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center has found.

In a new study published in the International Journal of Cancer, researchers used the National Cancer Institute’s Health Habits and History Questionnaire and Food Frequency Questionnaire to assess the dietary intakes of 1,088 lung cancer patients and 1,414 healthy participants. Participants were further surveyed about various lifestyle factors, including smoking.

The average age of the healthy participants was 60.8, while the average age of the lung cancer participants was 61.7.

Vitamin E occurs in two main groups, the tocopherols and tocotrienols. Each of these groups, in turn, contains four varieties, named alpha, beta, gamma and delta. For the current study, the researchers analyzed participants’ dietary tocopherol intake, dividing it up based on which form it occurred in.

Cured Stage 4 Cancer

Here is a story of a man and what he did to get rid of his cancer.  Different methods work for different people.  Stay open to your truth.  It is inside of you.

I do know for sure, you cannot just get rid of a tumor!!!  To be well and live life fully, you must heal the body, or the cancer will come back  You must look at your lifestyle and your emotional life and where are you mentally.

I work with five clients a month to help them through this healing journey.  I have a spot for you.  Email me to secure the healing place.

Tell me what you think of Kelly’s healing method.  Use the comment section below. 

How I Cured Stage 4 Cancer in Two Weeks For Less Than The Cost Of A Night At The Movies
By Kelley Eidem
I would be dead today without my crazy, easy cure.

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