Cancer vs Autoimmune Disease

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Again we see by yesterdays article the huge role our immune systems play in our health in our life.

An immune system is a collection of mechanisms within an organism that protects against disease by identifying and killing pathogens and tumor cells. It detects a wide variety of agents, from viruses to parasitic worms, and needs to distinguish them from the organism’s own healthy cells and tissues in order to function properly. Detection is complicated as pathogens adapt and evolve new ways to successfully infect the host organism.

With cancer, the immune system no longer identifies the cells (which are cancerous) as foreign to the body.  So the immune system does not go after the cancer cells and destroy them.

In autoimmune diseases, the immune system identifies normal cells of our body as foreign and so starts to destroy them.   So in reality the body is destroying itself. 

I get questions every day about how to feel better, improve health or tackle cancer.  I am amazed at the diseases out there and most seem to be autoimmune disorders. I found this great product to balance my immune system.  I have been using it and within days I felt better.  I am now experimenting with it to see if it really works. 

I have experienced autoimmune symptoms for 12 years.  At times I was so sick I literally could not get off the bed for days and weeks.  The fatigued, brain fog, muscle and joint pain and general flu-like symptoms almost sent me over the edge.  I did not know how much longer I could live like that. 

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