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Here’s what one cancer doctor says about the super food I was talking about a couple days ago.  Dr. James William Forsythe M.D., H.M.D. “I want to inform your Company on how successfully BõKU™Super Food is working on my cancer patients. BõKU™ has become an important part of my cancer dietary protocol. I feel that all oncology practices should be putting Boku into their cancer management therapy. I have been practicing integrative cancer care for over 15 years. I treat all adult cancers and I am very impressed with the BõKU™ dietary supplement that you recently launched. Most all cancer patients also show signs of poor nutrition due to the body’s adverse reaction to the cancer toxins. These patients are very dehydrated and lack proper nutrition from their dietary intake due to the aggressive nature of the cancer cells. BõKU™Super Food gives patients the opportunity to put important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants back into their bodies with the ease of its administration. Since cancer patients have diminished immune systems, the intake of BõKU™ with all of its powerful nutrients is important, as it stimulates this vital body protective mechanism. It also increases the body’s pH balance to be more alkaline and, as a result, has an adverse effect on cancer cell growth. It is imperative that every cancer patient in my practice receive a bottle of this amazing food supplement to bring the intricate balance of the body back to a pre-cancerous state. I also recommend that all my surviving patients receive this product on their semi-yearly and yearly follow up exams. Congratulations on a great product!”

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