Cancer Support in these Challenging Times

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We are bombarded by negative news today!

People are talking about losing jobs, losing investments, the recession, losing their homes, and all kinds of BAD stuff!

Our lives are filled with it.  Stress is overwhelming for people and this affects our physical, mental and emotional health.  What do we do about it?

The worse thing we can do it THINK about it!  Our minds will try to think, think, think all day and all night.  Now of course this doesn’t mean we just ignore our situation and not deal with it.  On a daily basis there are decisions we have to make and actions we have to take.  But our mind will try to control our life.  It will start to tell us all the things that are bad or that are wrong with us or tell us it is hopeless to do anything about it.  Do you believe it?  How are you living each day, each moment?  In hope and possibility or doom and gloom. 

This incessant thinking of our negative mind can keep us in a state of hopelessness.  This is just your mind.  You are more powerful and resourceful than the negative mind.  You just can’t always hear the wisdom and power within.  Take time to be still and out of your mind and feel the quiet and peace that already resides inside of you.  This is the place where decisions should be made and actions taken.

Pay attention to how you are living today, in the negative mind or in the calm of your heart and soul.  Where do you spend most your time?

Only when you realize you are allowing your mind to contol your life will you desire to live another way.

“Be Still and You Will Know”

Cancer Survivor Speaker provides cancer support and help in living your best life.

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