Cancer Support Beyond Just the Physical

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 To be healthy, we often think it is the food we eat, or the lifestyle we live, the exercise we get or don’t get, that only affects our health.  And each of these do affect our physical bodies and therefore our health.  There are good foods to eat, supplements to take, doctors and practitioners to help us, exercise that is good for our organs and muscles.  There are millions of opportunities for us to use in our life to be physically healthier. 

Often if we don’t see it, it isn’t there.  If we don’t see or feel a symptom of dis-ease, we think we are healthy.  Are we?

When I was diagnosed with stage four cancer, I couldn’t believe it!!  Well actually I could!  I knew I was living and being unhealthy.  I just didn’t realize consciously the extent.  Through my journey of awareness, I realized my health was deeper than this physical body.  There was a lot more going on with my health than this physical body and this physical tumor we could see and touch.  There is a lot more going on within all of us and our health than just what we can see.

When all else fails to explain the physical aspect of our health, then we say it is genetics.  Then for sure we can’t control that.  We certainly have no control over our genetics!

 Cancer Support goes Beyond Just the Physical!

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