Cancer Support Beyond Just the Physical II

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But we do have control over our life and health.  We do have choices we make every minute of every day.

What we put in our body whether it is foods or supplements or words recieved from someone else, is all energy.  This energy affects our body.  What are you putting in your body?

Words we recieve from someone else or words we say to ourselves can affect how our cells respond.  So much negative talk goes on within our heads or our minds.  Over time we begin to believe all of these negative messages.  If you think about it, I bet you have negative messages you recieved as a child that you still carry with you.

If you knew for certain, based on faith or based on science, that these negative words, or energy bundles, affect you, would you change the words?  Would you pay attention to what you believe from someone else?  Would you change your beliefs about yourself?  What is it worth to you?

Because cancer support or health support goes beyond just dealing with the physical.  Your negative mind and your emotions all affect the entire you.

Within this day celebrate your beauty.   Celebrate who you are completely.  Accept you as a divine being of love.  Go beyond what the mind has been saying to you.  Drop the negative and embrace your beauty inside and out.

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