Cancer Support and Integrative Medicine

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Cancer Support and Integrative Medicine are the two things I know for sure.

Immune system support and detoxifying and cleasnsing are two important steps in your process of healing. 

I talked about building your immune system last week and the important role it plays in killing cancer cells.

It is your most important tool, resource, system or FRIEND, so be good to it.

Luckily I intuitively knew I have to build my immune system in order to survive my cancer, melanoma.  But before I could do that effectively, I had to detoxify.

Cleansing and detoxifying can be done in several ways now.  There are many products and processess out there to help you.  But again, which one?

Some believe completely in whole foods in the detoxification process, meaning they only use whole, organic food to clean out all the junk in the body.  Others use supplements for detoxification and cleansing.  It will completely depend on you and where you are in your healing journey.  If you are committed to do anything and have the strength, energy and support I would definitely recommend a combo approach using food and supplements at this stage.

If you do not have the discipline, strength, energy, or support right now start with detoxifying with supplements.  This is a simpler approach and will start your healing and will be the best for you.

I have a list of products and resources that can help you sort through the many options.

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