Cancer and Your Past

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Yesterday I talked about stress and how it affects our health.  What stress comes from is different than most of us think.

Our past is a HUGE part of our life.  We create every day of our lives based on the past.  And that means the good stuff in your past and your bad stuff.  We have these memories that we use as our model of what we will do today.  We reenact the say stuff over and over in our lives, often unconsciously, and we create stress and all kinds of health issues for ourselves.

AND we don’t really know we are doing it.

The thoughts and feelings we have affect the cells of our bodies.  If it is worry or guilt or sadness or anger, all of these are affecting the cells of our bodies every minute of the day.  All of these emotions are part of being human.  We all experience them.  The key is what you do with them once you experience them.  When you stuff them into your memory, and continue to carry them around with you and continue to live in them and act them out, these emotions will affect the cells of your body.

Imagine carry anger and guilt around for 50 years and now imagine what your cells feel……………………………..

So what will you do with your thoughts and feelings today?

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