Cancer and Vitamins

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Here is a cancer survivor story from Ray.  There are so many stories out there about different ways people have healed from cancer.  I love to hear the stories and so does everyone.  It gives all of us hope.  And we are in this together to help each other.  Keep the stories coming.

“My wife a nurse she was told this by another nurse The nurse said her bother in law was in hospital 2 years ago fighting lung cancer and the chemo had stop working the cancer spread to his brain. Weeks before She had read a story about a doctor in the 1960 who had saved a cancer patient life by injecting the cancer patient with 1000mg of vitamin C and 1000mg of Vitamin B the patient had lung and brain cancer. Her brother in law cancer had gone to his brain. After being in hospital for a month he asks to go home to die.  His sister in law who was the nurse  told her sister and brother in law what she had read she showed them the article after reading it they showed the article to his doctor and ask could he have the injections of the vitamins whitch he did within three days her brother was feeling better.  He keeps having these 1000mg of vitamins B and C once a week for six months.  He keeps getting tested and the tests showed the tumor markers were going down.  After six months he stopped the injection and he’s still a live after 2 years.  I’m asking why didn’t the hospital do this.”Ray

This is a great story I can use too as a cancer survivor speaker to give hope to others.

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