Cancer and Healing All of YOU

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We are more than our physical bodies……………….to be healthy we have to address our body mind and spirit.

I know, I know I have repeated this over and over.  But I started the past couple discussions on building your immune system and how critical it is in being a cancer survivor.  Then we talked about what things affect the immune system and that stress degrades the immune system. 

We don’t naturally think that stress or other feelings affect our health.  They do.

Anger we carry around with us has to be stored somewhere.  Where is it?  Is it in our head?

Think about something you have been angry about.  How does it feel?  Can you feel the anger in your head, in your body?  Do you feel tense?  How about your muscles, are they tighter?

No matter what emotion it is, anger, sadness, joy, depression it affects our entire body.  The emotion is energy.  Now admit it, don’t you feel the energy when you are angry?  This energy has to go somewhere and often it gets shoved into the cells of our body.  Now imagined this anger or stress energy in your body and in your cells for 20 years. 

What do you think happens to the cells? 

My first reaction…..IT CAN”T BE GOOD?

Over time this negative energy affects our cells and our immune system.

So what do we do to prevent this and boost our immune system and prevent disease?

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