Cancer- a sentence or a word?

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Dr. Joe is a friend of mine on twitter who writes about his perspective from a medical doctor.  We share similar views and experiences.  Watch for an interview coming with Dr. Joe. 

Cancer- a sentence or a word?
The word cancer still strikes fear into people’s hearts. In 1971 then president Nixon declared a war on cancer with the aim of winning it by the bicentennial in 1976. Suffice to say this hasn’t happened. In fact the death rate for cancer in the USA adjusted for age and population has declined only 5% in over 50 years. This is despite the spending of billions of dollars.(link 2)

Yet there are people who have beaten cancer and lived long years to tell the tale. The question arises what is different about those people, as they have often received the same medical treatment as those who didn’t survive? In my opinion it will be in their attitudes and how they manage their condition.

Those who see cancer as a word rather than a sentence, those who examine and change their lifestyles do best. I have heard many people describe getting cancer as a wake up call. These people have looked at what aspects of their life are not working and may be “cancerous.” For some it is their diet, some are in toxic relationships, others are overworked. There is no one answer. There are answers though and that is the positive message of every person who has “beaten” cancer.

The key message though is that it is more to do with the individual than the treatment. This does not mean that cancer can be meditated away or replace the need for medical treatment. It does mean that those who take an active role in their recovery will do better than those who regard themselves as “victims.”

Interesting too this week, questions being raised about chemotherapy guidelines being too influenced by the pharmaceutical industry. Writing in the Internal Medicine Journal leading Australian oncologists have criticized drug company sponsored guidelines which encourage” aggressive and often futile treatment with expensive chemotherapy agents”.(link 3 ) In the US a new trial on the drug Avastin failed to show a significant effect in preventing the recurrence of colon cancer. Sales of this drug in the USA were $2.7 billion last year.(link 1)

It is not all doom and gloom. Take an active role in any treatment. Do not see yourself as a victim. Be prepared to look honestly at aspects of your life, which may not be serving you. Be prepared to make changes. Be accepting of your emotions and work through them without suppressing them.

Each person is on a journey in this life. There are lessons to learn and experiences to be had. Work with your body not against it. This does not guarantee recovery from cancer or any illness. It does mean you will get the most out of the days you have on earth however many they may be.

Dr. Joe’s says after 25 years in medicine it is clear to me that the current system is not working . It is based on waiting for people to get sick and then offering them a pill a hospital bed or other expensive technology. All the while in Western countries the “health system “is struggling to cope and costs are rising steeply. The answers offered are always more of the same. There is little support for those wanting to focus on health. Dr Joe’s Do it yourself health (DIY health) is based on the principle that your health is directly influenced by how you live your life. The decisions and choices you make about what you put into your body, how active you are, how much rest and relaxation you get and how you deal with stress impact on your health vitality and wellbeing.

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  1. Cancer- a sentence or a word? | cancer research Says:

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  2. Acai Says:

    I don’t think Cancer is all about a word or a sentence its all about a life now days. According to my best knowledge i thing still we don’t have any medicine for cancer. So, I think its about a life.

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