Believe in Perfect Health

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Somewhere deep within I always knew perfect health was possible.  Deep within I knew that each of us on this journey we are calling life have the potential for unlimited health and wellness.  We were born to be whole, in body mind and spirit.  This is how we were created.

How do I know this…..there are no words to describe this knowingness.  It is part of me….IT IS PART OF YOU!

All of us have this knowingness within us.  So why can’t we hear it or feel it?  What has happened to us that this has been lost.? What has happened that we cannot access this valuable piece of our life?

Enlightenment and Consciousness

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Enlightenment Is The Ultimate Maturity   
By Jafree Ozwald

Enlightenment is the Mount Everest in human consciousness. There is nothing greater in life to discover.  It is the peak of ones existence that naturally blossoms when you’ve reached a sweet ripe maturity within every area of your life.  Full enlightenment is not just about reaching a transcendental state of bliss through meditation.  The real deal means you’ve also integrated this expanded understanding into your personal life.  When you have mastered your relationships with people, money, food, sex, health, your body, feelings, thoughts and everything on your inner and outer world, then enlightenment simply finds you.  It doesn’t have to take very long, the moment you discover a deep and complete peace within every area of your life, you will have reached the highest level of maturity and reveal what the enlightened state is all about.

Neale Donald Walsh

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On this day of your life, dear friend, I believe God wants you to know…

…that that the day of your birth was a wonderful day for

all who now know you — and even for all of humanity. 

Why? Because you are so incredibly special. Because

you are Love, personified. Wisdom, expressed. Caring

and Compassion, demonstrated.  Courage, revealed. 

Because you are Humanity At Its Best. They don’t get

any better than you. Truly. And if you do not know this,

then you do not know Who and What You Are. So

today, create a way to know that. (By creating a way

to show that…)  Neale Donal Walsh

Mind Cancers

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The Only Block to Enlightenment 
By Jafree Ozwald 

There is only one thing that will delay your enlightenment.  There is only one place that you can hide, where the enlightened state cannot find you.  By doing this one thing, you will always block bliss from penetrating your being.  This one thing is to remain in your mind, living up in your head, and never ever stop thinking.  If you never give the mind space to rest it’s thinking routine, you can never relax deeply enough to know Nirvana. 

On the enlightened path, you realize that “thinking” separates you from entering a cosmic state of being.  Thinking only takes you away from the light of consciousness that is emanating from the core of your being… right now.  Thinking actually creates a lack of consciousness, while being allows for more consciousness to enter.  By dropping thinking, you attain this effortless Universal mind and fall into the highest levels of ecstatic consciousness. 

Message of Hope and Love

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Great Wise Message from God

“You are the one to witness great changes in the world. The world is hurting and the world is at its best. The world is on a way of destruction and a world of pain.  The world is meant to suffer no more. It is meant to be a vehicle of hope for all.  Love is breaking barriers to what is possible. 

 Let go of the fear there is no fear in healing.  The healing begins with a breakdown in its structure before it can heal the wounds of itself. Many will witness the change in what will happen next and that will be a way of peace among nations.  The nations are at their worst and at the same time at their best. 

Be the Observer of YOU

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When we can be the objective observer of our life, we become free.

Throughout our lives we have developed expectations of what we think should happen, or how we think our life should be, or how someone else should act…..the list goes on.  It is part of our human nature and has become a habit of ours.  We place expectations on everything.

It goes against our old habits not to have expectations.  But can we drop expectations?  What if we did?  What would happen?

We pray for our desires of what we truly want for our lives to be perfect.  Is this different than expectations?

Could one be coming from our heart and another be coming from our mind?   Maybe, I don’t know.

Dropping all expectations may free some of us from thought, worry, analysis, fear, etc.  The very things that can block us and stop us from moving forward.

Spiritual Healing

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Remember that there are no problems, there is no death, and there are no diseases, illness, or injuries.

There is nothing to heal, fix or change because everything that is real is already perfect.

When we know this to be truth, even for just an instant, LOVE heals our mind from fear.

Is the Mind a Cancer

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What is the mind disease that seems to be an epidemic in the world?

Have you ever heard of it?

Has your doctor talked to you about what to do to prevent this contagious disease? 

Let me give you just one example of this disease….

Something troubling or even disasterous happens to you or someone you love.

You begin to think about all the things that happened and how it could have been prevented.  Or you begin to think about why it happened or what if or what you could of done different.  This mind thinking continues until you don’t even know you are doing it.  It becomes part of you life every day even at night while sleeping.  You can’t escape it.  It becomes obscessive and the disease grows out of control…….

How do I Know??

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Have you ever been at a crossroad and were unsure of which direction to take?

Your gut may say one thing…..and then your mind keeps telling you another.  Which do you follow?

I was at the crossroad last summer and wondered which direction????  I felt strongly that I should step back, stop what I was doing and see what happens.  So I did….I stopped blogging, tweeting, facebooking, etc.. I was in a resting place. 

I really didn’t know why or what or who or how…I was to follow my inner guidance.  And as you all know, life can get in the way and the guidance system is sometimes hard to hear.  Maybe I needed to brush off the dust and cobwebs off the system so I could hear more clearly the inner wisdom.

Maybe I needed to take a rest, to be quiet to be able to hear where I was to go next.

Be Love

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The root of all human suffering is the belief that “I am not good enough”.

This was one of my most profound lessons as a cancer survivor.

Yet the core of our being, our soul, is LOVE!

We lose ourselves in this thing we call life. We forget who we are and what we came here for. We begin to believe we are all these experiences we are having. Through our experiences, we form beliefs and then we live out these beliefs over and over.

But we are not our thoughts, beliefs, and experiences. They exist outside of us.

We have a choice every moment to love and accept ourselves and create the life we choose. So many of us spend our time hoping, wishing, planning and scheming for our lives to be different than what they already are. We have used so much energy and time trying to create situations other than the one that we have, and end up missing the life in front our noses today.

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