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Somewhere deep within I always knew perfect health was possible.  Deep within I knew that each of us on this journey we are calling life have the potential for unlimited health and wellness.  We were born to be whole, in body mind and spirit.  This is how we were created.

How do I know this…..there are no words to describe this knowingness.  It is part of me….IT IS PART OF YOU!

All of us have this knowingness within us.  So why can’t we hear it or feel it?  What has happened to us that this has been lost.? What has happened that we cannot access this valuable piece of our life?

LIFE itself happened to us and we got distracted by our physical world and all the messages we heard.  All these messages we heard, experienced, and felt, we began to believe.  As we believed them, we saw more and more confirmation in our life that THEY MUST be TRUE!  Then we began living as if these false messages were real, were our life, were US.  And we are continuing to live out this false information every day in our life.

Look at your life…what messages did you receive that are not necessarily true, that you live every day as if they are?

What one message do you want to change in your life?

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