Be the Observer of YOU

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When we can be the objective observer of our life, we become free.

Throughout our lives we have developed expectations of what we think should happen, or how we think our life should be, or how someone else should act…..the list goes on.  It is part of our human nature and has become a habit of ours.  We place expectations on everything.

It goes against our old habits not to have expectations.  But can we drop expectations?  What if we did?  What would happen?

We pray for our desires of what we truly want for our lives to be perfect.  Is this different than expectations?

Could one be coming from our heart and another be coming from our mind?   Maybe, I don’t know.

Dropping all expectations may free some of us from thought, worry, analysis, fear, etc.  The very things that can block us and stop us from moving forward.

And just watch your life as a neutral observer.  Watch your thoughts, watch your emotions, watch your physical body….stand outside of these and just be the observer with no judgement or expectation.

When you become the observer, you no longer identify with the mind….you are no longer the mind.

This creates space between YOU and the mind and the emotions.  This space allows the energy of the thoughts to diminish and eventually stop controlling your life.  Because you are not these thoughts or emotions.  You are an energy or a spirit far greater and more powerful.  You are just trapped in your mind and emotions at times and get lost.

Be the OBSERVER and create space to connect to you natural power within…YOU

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