Be Still and Heal

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Let’s begin by getting comfortable in our chairs.
Take a slow breath or two, and gently close the eyes.

Now take a deep breath when you are ready, hold it for a moment, then let it all out and see, in your mind’s eye, all the tension leaving you now as a fine grey mist.

Another deep breath, letting even more tension leave you now, as you begin to feel more and more relaxed.

Remind yourself that it is okay to relax here, in this place and at this time. There is no other place you have to be right now, nothing else you have to do right now.

You can relax, fully and completely.

Now take a last deep breath, hold it, then let it all out and just resume normal breathing again.

All the tension is gone now from throughout your body. You are beginning to feel completely at ease now, completely relaxed,

Just let the wonderful feeling of restful, peaceful, relaxation wash over you for a few moments, listening to the music, or perhaps to your own innermost thoughts.

Now see in your mind’s eye a White Light, moving towards you. It moves over and around you, encompassing you completely in it soft, gentle warmth.

Your body continues to let go and relax even more.

From the tips of your toes, to the top of your head, you feel the wave of White Light relaxing you, healing you physically and emotionally, making you whole again.

As you listen once again to the music, you become even more calm and serene.

Your are surrounded by White Light.

There is a shield of White Light surrounding you, protecting you.

It glows with the love of the Divine Source

As you accept the White Light into your Inner Self, you know that you, too, are a source of love.

This White Light symbolizes both the love of the Divine Source for you and your love for others.

It protects you from harm at all times.

It symbolizes the strongest force in all the Universe, that of love.

This White Light protects you from all harm, from all invasions of outside influences and forms a wall of protective love around you.

It is your armour.

See it now, this shining white armour that is protecting you.

You have become a source of love and you have but to repeat the words:

“I accept the White Light of Protection.”

and the protection occurs.

Now it will spring into action covering you with an armour of love –

covering you with the light of purity –

covering you with protection.

Whenever you say:

“I accept the White Light of Protection,” you are protected by the Divine Source.

Now visualize for a moment your loved ones, see them in your mind’s eye.

Surround all those whom you love and wish to protect with the same White Light that surrounds you.

You are protecting them from harm at all times.

It is the mightiest force in all the Universe, that of the Love of the Divine Source.

It forms an invisible wall of protection, it is an armour against all negativity.

See White Light now encompassing and protecting your loved ones.

Take a moment now, and select someone that you want to send healing to.

Hold in your imagination and visualize that person you wish to heal.

Now surround them with the White Light.

See a glow of White Light encompassing them with it’s warm, loving, goodness.

They are surrounded with the Light that is the Love of the Divine Source, the most powerful healing force in the Universe.

This White Light cancels all negativity emanating from inside or out, protecting, healing, restoring.

The Love of God now shines through.

Only love remains.

Send love … love is received. Only one party to a relationship is necessary for healing.

The shield of White Light now protects them as well as it protects you.

And all you need do to call it forth is to simply say:

“I accept the White Light of Protection.”

Know that it is there for you. every time, all the time.

Take a moment now to reflect on this Divine gift to you, and then offer a short prayer in gratitude.

Now, slowly, calmly, easily begin to return to awareness.

You feel perfect in every way, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

You body feels rested, your eyes feel refreshed as though washed in sparkling cool spring water.

At the count of three you will open your eyes and at the count of five you will once again be wide awake, feeling fine and in perfect health.

One, two, three, your eyes are now opening.

Four, Five, you are now wide awake, feeling fine and in perfect health, much better than before, in fact, your feel terrific!

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