Be a Cancer Survivor

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Every day someone tells me a new story of a mom, dad, sister or friend with cancer.

My heart hurts for them.  I feel their pain and sadness.  I remember being at that very place and time in my life.  I lived it too.

Then I want to shout from the rooftop, “They can be a cancer survivor too!”

As a cancer survivor and speaker, I want to share with everyone the hope available to them, for them to reach out and grab. I want to tell them all the information available for them to heal body, mind and spirit.  I want to share the natural cancer treatments for a cancer survivor.  It is energy spilling out of me as I meet people.

And then I stop (and let me tell I don’t always stop) more on that later………..

Not everyone is ready to hear. Not everyone is ready for a cancer survivor story. I know each person has their journey to take and I pray they find peace on that journey.

I want to be their friend and help them.

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    [...] Reconnecting to my heart, I began to see ME again, and remember ME. I peeled away layers of thoughts, beliefs and experiences I accumulated through my life. I saw at my core I was love. But did I really love ME? Until I loved and accepted me completely, I knew I could never truly love another, and I knew I could never truly be well and alive and a cancer survivor. [...]

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    [...] did and what I learned.  There are so many ways to approach cancer and so many conventional and natural cancer treatments out there.  How do you know what you should consider or what is real or legistimate.  This was [...]

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    [...] I felt like I was learning a whole new language, with words I had never heard of.  As a cancer survivor speaker now, people ask me what the difference is between conventional medicine, alternative medicine, [...]

  6. What Causes Cancer? Says:

    [...] Many don’t want to believe they had anything to do with their cancer, or could have caused their cancer.  I chose to believe I had control over developing MY CANCER and I had control over the cancer cure and natural cancer treatments. [...]

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    [...] Sprouts are considered one of the most healing foods.  I used supplements of sprouts as cancer support. [...]

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