Do You or Someone You Know Want More Answers on how to Heal from Cancer? Healing options your Doctor hasn’t told You about, and You don’t know what to do or where to turn?

Learn How I Went from Terminal Cancer To a Cancer Survivor by Finding The Answers To Transform And Heal and How You or Someone You Love Can BE A Cancer Survivor too!

My heart cries for the many who suffer from CANCER and don’t know what to do.  Open and listen  

  Hi I’m Sheila Ulrich.    Thank you for checking out Be a Cancer Survivor: A Process to Wellnessbook coverBeCancer Survivor2

The material for this book comes from years of healing from stage 4 melanoma and the wisdom I have learned as I was saving my life.  Wise teachers and healers supported me through my journey as I was learning about cancer, holistic health, consciousness and who I really was.  I used an integrative approach to healing body, mind and spirit.

I wrote Be a Cancer Survivor: A Process to Wellness  for every person who in some way has been touched by cancer.  Many people ask me, “You are a MIRACLE!  What did you do?”  And boy is that a long answer!   I try to think of one thing that could convey the message of hope and possibility for anyone healing.  This has been 13 years of learning and growing and healing all of ME, body mind and spirit.  There isn’t one answer I can give that could possibly describe the process.  My journey has truly been a gift.  A gift that has changed my life! 

I came to realize that I needed to share what I had learned about the process of healing and creating miracles. I walked this journey of healing to help others on their path, I know that.  My lessons learned are to be shared with everyone experiencing cancer and disease.  You don’t have to take years to heal, I walked the path to share with you and make it easier for YOU! 

I am also inspired to share with everyone who is ready to hear, that when you connect to your own divinity and immortality, miracles happen.  I faced death and found life.  And you can too!


christiane northrup“Sheila Ulrich’s recovery from stage 4 ovarian melanoma is cause for great celebration and a medical miracle.  Song of My Soul: Hope, Inspiration and Wisdom From A Cancer Survivor is a testimony to the healing power within each of us”     

Christiane Northrup, MD, author of The Secret Pleasures of Menopause (Hay House, 2008), The Wisdom of Menopause, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, and Mother-Daughter Wisdom.


If you or a loved one is challenged by cancer or a similar life threatening illness,  know that you are truly a powerful and intuitive being capable of healing and creating your own hopes and dreams!!

What would I do if I Had Cancer Again?  

Be a Cancer Survivor: A Process to Wellness   is a process of healing I walk you through step by step.  These are the exact steps I would do AT THIS POINT IN TIME if I had cancer again and wanted to be a cancer survivor.   It includes the steps I took through my cancer journey and also awesome new opportunities.  Products, services and information continually change and new options become available.  I will continue to keep you informed of new opportunities for all of us to get the best options, services and products available.

This is the latest leading edge information I have found so far and I trust!

Be a Cancer Survivor: A Process to Wellness   is a 45 page ebook with 14 steps to healing all of you.  It includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing ideas, resources, practititioners and products.  I give you the exact names and numbers of who I would call and what I would do right now.

If YOU are looking for………..Healing options for Cancer your doctor hasn’t told you about

  • Additional support with Chemotherapy or Radiation treatment
  • Tools to use to help you heal
  •  Trusted doctors, practitioners, and resources
  •  Quality products for healing
  •  Hope that anything is possible
  •  Natural products and services to supplement your healing
  • Spiritual practices to facilitate your healing
  • Support from someone who has experienced the devastation of a cancer diagnosis




smallbook coverBeCancer Survivor2Then you have to read Be a Cancer Survivor: A Process to Wellness  



  “Sheila is a courageous cancer survivor who shares her incredible journey of self healing and inspires each person she touches with hope.  She lives each day being in the moment and from the heart.  To hear her speak, she shares her wisdom and clarity of purpose that compels you to do the same.  She is truly inspiring! ”   

JoAnne Funch Author and Speaker          



I want you to be happy with your purchase and what you discover from Be a Cancer Survivor: A Process to Wellness.“. 

If you aren’t completely satisfied with Be a Cancer Survivor: A Process to Wellness., contact me for a full refund



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  Song of My Soul: Hope Inspiration and Wisdom From A Cancer Survivor

You will enjoy reading my book, Song of My Soul: Hope Inspirations and Wisdom From A Cancer Survivor, as it takes you on a journey through the detailed experiences of my cancer crisis, my children and family and other relationships, the medical community, holistic community and my spiritual awakening, and much more.  This special bonus is in digital format and downloadable. You can print it out or read it on your computer.

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“I am so glad that you listened to that quiet voice within. I think most of my colleagues are so busy remembering the indications and side effects of a host of chemotherapy drugs, that they have forgotten those voices even exist. “   

  Dr. Lynne Eldridge Author of Avoiding Cancer One Day at a Time


All this for just $47…………… 

  • Be A Cancer Survivor 45 page ebook 
  • Exact Process to start to Heal NOW!
  • Products and Healing Tools to use and telephone numbers and websites
  • Song of My Soul: Hope Inspiration and Wisdom From A Cancer Survivor e-book (Sells for $14.97) 

Limited Time Bonus *Hope and Inspiration 30 minute Session with me to share, explore, learn and be inspired. ( 1 hour session is valued at $227).




 The best to you on your journey and may the angels guide you!______________________________________________________________________________________________ 

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