All You Have to Do is Breathe!

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All You Have to Do is Breathe! 

These have been my encouraging words for years now.  When dealing with a crisis or a difficult interaction, or experience and we are talking about it and feeling overwhelmed and sad and angry, all we really have to do is breathe.  All these emotions come up and take over our bodies and our minds.  Sometimes we even feel like we are going crazy, we feel we are out of control.  And we probably are!

We have let these emotions, which are energy, run wild in and around our bodies.  The energy is negative and affects our body.  The mind then feeds off this energy and thus creates more thoughts, which in turn creates more negative emotion and more negative energy all around us.  It is a feeding frenzy, creating more and more of the emotion and thought we don’t want.  We feel like we are caught in a wheel out of control and can’t get off. 

I was a life time member of the “spinning wheel club”.  I lived in the space most of the time, until I was so tired and out of control I got sick.  Don’t wait until something falls in your world and you are unable to pick it up.  My mission as a cancer survivor speaker is to share my experience to help you.

Breathe, breathe, breathe……………It is the easiest and most affective way to calm our body and our mind and slow down our thoughts which in turn slows down our emotions.  You will feel a calmness.

When you focus on just your breath, you center yourself to that place within you that is peace.  You get out of your mind, which is trying to control you.  It takes you over and you don’t even recognize it.  It has become the way you have lived most of your life.  So it is a habit.  You think you are your mind.  Step back, breathe…..go within to the place of peace and calm.

There you are….the YOU that is watching or aware…not the thought…YOU are the awareness!!! Whoo HOO!

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