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I believe when we come to any crossroad, challenge, or crisis in our life, we have the opportunity to stop and ask, “Who am I and why am I here”.

I was born in Minnesota, the fourth child of six. I attended the University of Minnesota and graduated from the Carlson School of Management. Marrying my high school sweetheart, we set out to build the life of our dreams.

I worked several years as an Industrial Engineer at a manufacturing company . We have three amazing kids who we adore. Life was crazy then with careers, three children and all the responsibilities we were sure we could juggle.

Then the call came in that would change my life forever. “You have CANCER!” I fell to the floor screaming and in shock and was sure I was going to die.

Facing my three small children and seeing the fear in their eyes, absolutely broke my heart. I cried for them and their pain. I was determined to find a way to live and began searching for any possible solutions.

Then an unseen messenger startled me with a very clear message. “Heal The Whole: Body, Mind, and Spirit.” I had no idea where this came from or what it meant.

Through years of healing from stage 4 cancer, I found my spirit again. Learning to live from the heart again, a whole new world I had forgotten reappeared. This transformational journey was really a journey for me to find myself again and know who I am from the inside out.

Who Am I Anyway!

I am an infinite being of light and love and every moment I choose how I want to create and experience life.

That call changed my life forever. Facing death, I found life. So truly it was the death of my old self and a rebirth to something greater. I remembered who I really am!

Now empowering others to find their inner voice and create joyful lives is my passion. Please join me in exploring our true potential and creating a better world for all.