A Search For Purpose

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What do Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins and Sheila Ulrich have in common?

We are co-authors in Wake Up and Live the Life You Love: A Search for Purpose

My story is in this amazing book on how I became a cancer survivor and healed body, mind, and spirit.

Get your Copy now!

You will be amazed at the inspiring REAL stories, REAL people from all over the world.
You will get hundreds of ideas of living with purpose in your life.  You will see how people living their purpose gives them satisfaction and peace and joy in their lives.

When we are living our purpose work becomes play.  Life flows effortlessly and struggles become opportunities.

Are you living on Purpose?

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  1. Gilberto Seawright Says:

    I enjoyed your post and the suggestions that are provided. There are a ton of recommendations out there that are both good and bad. If you know of any more recommendations concerning natural health or associated topics, that would be great. Keep up the good writing!

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