90 Second Tool for Calming Emotions

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Isn’t science wonderful?! 

Did you know the chemicals that make up our emotional feelings only stay in our blood for 90 seconds? 90 Seconds!  We all have the power to cycle out of worry, anger or fear…here’s how.  Feel how your “mood” or “attitude” or “feeling” actually feels in your body.  Are you calm?  Peaceful?  Happy?  Is life feeling pleasant right now?  If not, then REST, put yourself on PAUSE for 90 seconds.  STOP whatever you are doing.  Breathe.  Breathe again.  Breathe once more.  Then shift your thoughts to anything or anyone you love and allow your chest to relax: music, sunsets, mountains, oceans, dogs – and keep picturing and thinking and breathing for 90 seconds.  This isn’t a game, this is physiology.  You must be truly engaged with your emotions for this to work…and it does work!  You are the conductor of your internal chemical orchestra.   

Karen Lamark Wilson

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  1. Klaudius Says:

    Thank you much for sharing this information with the world and with me :-) .

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