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You are love, You are God-expressed, You are free to choose each moment that which you want to be.

What self do you choose right now?  Small human self?  Divine Soul Self?

Each moment you choose…….What do you choose?

Choose that which you love, choose that which you want to experience, choose that which brings you joy, choose that which you INTEND to feel, see and experience.

You are powerful beyond your knowing.  Trust you are free, trust you are safe to CHOOSE all that want.

I love you

DEATH Brings NEW Life

“That call changed my life forever. Facing death, I found life. So truly it was the death of my old self and a rebirth to something greater. I remembered who I really am!”


That was 22 years ago.  I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and thought it was the end of my life.  However I had complete faith I would prepare my children who were only three, six and twelve years old.  My heart broke for them!  I could have never dreamed what would be next.  This journey has truly been amazing!

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