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Mind Cancers

The Only Block to Enlightenment 
By Jafree Ozwald 

There is only one thing that will delay your enlightenment.  There is only one place that you can hide, where the enlightened state cannot find you.  By doing this one thing, you will always block bliss from penetrating your being.  This one thing is to remain in your mind, living up in your head, and never ever stop thinking.  If you never give the mind space to rest it’s thinking routine, you can never relax deeply enough to know Nirvana. 

On the enlightened path, you realize that “thinking” separates you from entering a cosmic state of being.  Thinking only takes you away from the light of consciousness that is emanating from the core of your being… right now.  Thinking actually creates a lack of consciousness, while being allows for more consciousness to enter.  By dropping thinking, you attain this effortless Universal mind and fall into the highest levels of ecstatic consciousness. 

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