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How do I Know??

Have you ever been at a crossroad and were unsure of which direction to take?

Your gut may say one thing…..and then your mind keeps telling you another.  Which do you follow?

I was at the crossroad last summer and wondered which direction????  I felt strongly that I should step back, stop what I was doing and see what happens.  So I did….I stopped blogging, tweeting, facebooking, etc.. I was in a resting place. 

I really didn’t know why or what or who or how…I was to follow my inner guidance.  And as you all know, life can get in the way and the guidance system is sometimes hard to hear.  Maybe I needed to brush off the dust and cobwebs off the system so I could hear more clearly the inner wisdom.

Maybe I needed to take a rest, to be quiet to be able to hear where I was to go next.

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