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The Mind and Healing from Cancer and Disease

What else can our mind do to our body?

If you are in a dangerous situation what happens to you, how do you feel? For example think of a time when you almost had a car accident and in a split second you were safe. What happened to your body, your breathing? Your muscles tense, your heart races and beats faster, and your breathing is fast.

This is your body’s natural instinct to react with this fear. This is instinct. Emotions now are similar but different. They are your body’s response to a thought. So for example you are begin to worry about your daughter who hasn’t come home and you begin to think about the freeway she is driving on and then imagine a horrible accident. Your heart beats faster, your muscles are tense and your breathing is faster.

Pelicans Pelicans What Do They Mean??

The pelicans were here when we arrived……fascinating…inspiring…..

I arrived at the lake to prepare for some friends to arrive for a couple days of fun.  It was raining and overcast skies.  Not a perfect setting for a bonfire and time at the lake but was assured that all would be perfect.

As my friends arrived we noticed two beautiful pelicans sitting right in front of the cabin on the lake.  I had never seen that before.  Then they explained that they had seen pelicans as they were driving to the lake.  They were beautiful, peaceful and serene.  What a message for us, for all of us to live our life in peace and serenity.

As time went by we saw a third pelican, then a fourth.  I couldn’t believe it!  Why were they suddenly here?  They had never been here for 11 years.  Even more intriguing….they were all right in front of our cabin.  They had the whole lake.

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