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Healing With Angels Part 2

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Healing With Angels

                    With Deborah Wilson Angel Practitioner                  
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Healing with Angels

There’s More To Healing Than Meets The Eye Part 2

Today on my radio show……………

Join us as I continue telling my amazing story of healing from stage 4 melanoma and the wisdom I was given to heal.

Guest, Deborah Wilson a well-known Angel Therapy Practitioner, will share healing we can’t always see or touch. She is a teacher and a healer by nature and a clairvoyant and clairaudient. She literally sees and hears the spiritual realm simultaneously. Deborah says, “It is an honor and pleasure to be a telephone from heaven to my clients. I love teaching others about their own gifts of intuition and self healing that have been given to all of us as our Divine birthright. I consider myself a “messenger of the Messengers”.”

She helps others realize they have always had angels by their side and that they have already been hearing the voices of Heaven. This can create tremendous healing and give people the courage to create the life they have always dreamed of.

Angels Around Us

“Nothing is impossible with God.”

I believe in the unbelievable….. I believe anything is possible.. I believe in the unheard and unseen….. I believe in endless hope…… I believe in miracles every day……BELIEVE!

I believe in the impossible. 

I healed from stage 4 melanoma and when the doctors told me it was impossible, I believed in the impossible.

I believe we have access to the power to heal our bodies, minds and spirits.  I believe we have direct access to God to provide what we need in our lives.

I believe we have angels all around us and available to help guide us when we call them.

When you are questioning your power and God’s unconditional love, watch this amazing story of the healing of a young girl.

Here is proof that God is always with us, we can heal ourselves and angels are real……………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cancer Is Not Who You Are

This new song was divinly inspired and called “Stage 4.”
by Loren Robert DiGiorgi

Some background on this song. It was inspired by a lovely elderly woman whose piano I tuned. A lung cancer patient, she has stopped chemo and now wants only to play an in tune piano, calling it “better than medicine.” It was a very moving experience that made me pause long and hard and contemplate how the things we sometimes consider menial tasks can and do impact the lives of others. That, coupled with the fact that the whole situation brought back memories of my mom’s struggle with lung cancer several years back, was the inspiration for this song and its title of “Stage 4.”

Watching this customer of mine, oxygen canister in tow, sit at the piano and play and nod her approval, was more payment than I could ever ask for. Driving home with the experience fresh in my memory, this song came out of nowhere and it was all I could do to get home fast enough to record it.

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